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In the 21st Century, selling has become more competitive than ever. Everywhere you look – the Internet, 24-hour TV, and direct competitors from all over the world – people have easy access to the same potential clients you want to do business with.

Unfortunately, far too many people leave the profession of selling because they feel “it’s impossible to stand out from the crowd so I can sell my product, service, or idea.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Salespeople all over the world are looking for ‘the edge,’ a unique approach that quickly lowers the barriers to selling. Thanks to a series of proven formulas, you, too, can create presentations that leave a lasting impact on others, and compel them to do business with you.

I’ll explain these in a minute, but picture this:

Using the ‘secret ingredient’ to craft sales presentations that are energetic, fun and create an instant bond with your prospective customers!

What’s this secret ingredient?


The Magic Is In The Process

I know what you may be thinking: ‘Stories? Aren’t those for little kids at bedtime?’

Here’s a question for you: The last time you bought a car, did you decide based on data – horsepower, gas mileage, etc. Or, did you create a picture in your mind of what life would be like while driving that car?

Remember, no one is watching you. Go ahead….admit it.

You made an emotional purchase, didn’t you? What persuaded you to do so?

Stories of how life could be while driving that car.

Think about the best salespeople, speakers and leaders you know. If you analyze their presentations, you’ll find that most, if not all, are master storytellers. This is how they sell us on their ideas.

How do you think they got that way?

They’ve learned how to develop and deliver meaningful and memorable stories.

Don’t be jealous of these people… learn the skills they’ve learned! All it takes is a few short hours to pick up the tools that the best salespeople use.

Attend this tele-seminar series and you will:


 Know HOW To Discover Your Most Meaningful Stories

Learn WHY Stories Are The Best Tool To Sell Your Message

 Grab Listener Interest With Your BIG BANG Opening

Understand HOW To Keep Them On The Edge Of Their Seats From Start-to-Finish

Conclude Powerfully And Compel Others To Take ACTION


You May Be Skeptical, But, These Processes Have Worked For Years

It may seem ‘pie-in-the-sky’ that you can create meaningful and memorable stories in 30 days, but it’s true. These speaking formulas are repeatable, time-tested and used by some of the best speakers in the world – sales professionals, business leaders, and public speakers. Not only that, but…

  • The processes can be used for presentations of any type or length
  • These tools will enable you to stand out every time you give a sales talk
  • These ideas save you years of learning time
  • Other successful professionals use these skills…Why not you?
  • I guarantee you’ll be completely happy with the results or I’ll refund every penny!

 Seats In This Tele-Seminar Are Limited. Respond Now To Get Your Seat!

Try it out completely at my risk. If after the first session you don’t feel you’ve received value, I’ll return your money, no questions asked. Based on feedback I’ve received from others, I’m betting that once you experience the ‘Sell With a Story’ tele-seminar, you’ll be thrilled with your decision.

Here are some comments from past tele-seminar attendees:

“Your  tele-seminar was a Grand Slam!  I now have a treasure chest full of knowledge thanks to you. What stood out the most for me are: 

– The Seven C’s to Sensational Storytelling
– Your speech should have 3 times as many YOU as ME words
– What do you want the audience to think, feel, or do?

                                                                                       ~ Mary Ellen Reser

A lot of what Mike said MESSED up my (original) speech, but this turned out for the best…

I recently got a standing ovation when I gave my speech. More importantly several people told me that the message touched them personally.  The message was clear when I asked members to tell me what they heard and it reinforced my need to present my message. 

                                                                                       ~ Michael Staffan

How to register:

Learn these ‘Sell With a Story’ skills from the comfort of your own home for just $67 (normally $97), AND receive two special bonuses if you register by March 10, 2016.

Sessions begin Thursday, April 7, 2016, at 8:00 pm EST and will continue on each Thursday in April. Each session will be recorded for repeated listenings.

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Meet Your ‘Sell With a Story’ Instructor

Speaker and Storyteller

Michael Davis

Michael Davis is a professional speaker, trainer and Certified World Class Speaking Coach. Since 1997, he has presented to many companies, including: Procter and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and General Electric. Michael founded Speaking CPR to help others achieve at a higher level, even higher than what they believe to be possible. He does this by teaching public speaking, storytelling and selling skills.

A former Certified Financial Planner with 35 years of selling experience, he is the author of ‘THE Book on Storytelling’ and a contributing author to four books about public speaking and marketing. Additionally, he has produced audio programs designed to help you become an in-demand presenter who inspires and influences. He is an avid student of the art of storytelling and public speaking.

Michael works with Hall of Fame and World Champion speakers to continually learn and further his knowledge of the subject.  In addition, he is often invited to teach public speaking and storytelling courses with the same world-class speakers who have taught him. Programs he has created include:

  • THE Book on Storytelling (soft-cover and Kindle)
  • Evaluate to Elevate (audio CD)
  • Stand Up, Stand OUT! (audio CD)
  • Inject More Humor Into Your Presentation (audio CD)
  • Panic to Power (audio CD – contributing author)
  • Go Ahead and Laugh (book – contributing author)
  • My NOW for the College Graduate (book – contributing author)
  • Co-creator of the 3D Storytelling process
  • 52 Storytelling Tips (Free weekly audio learning program)

Special Bonuses When You Register Right Now

Free Bonus #1: The video series ‘Sail the 7 Cs to Sensational Storytelling.’ [$48.00 value] In this seven-part program, you’ll pick up 7 foundational tools to create memorable stories. When you implement these seven steps, you’ll:

  • Save time
  • Create an experience for your listener
  • Understand how to quickly create stories that support your ideas
  • Develop trust with others more quickly

Free Bonus #2: eBook: ‘THE Book on Storytelling.’  [$4.99 value] This book is designed to teach you the fundamentals of world class storytelling. CEOs, salespeople, managers, and others who give presentations to groups of any size can benefit from this book.

You’ll pick up a series of proven, step-by-step processes – used by some of the best speakers and storytellers in the world – to discover, develop and deliver your unique stories. One tip builds on another so that, by the time you implement the last tip, you’ll be at least three times as effective as a storyteller – and salesperson.

Attend Our First Session – If You See No Value, I’ll Give You Your Money Back

 If you don’t pick up tools or processes in the first hour that take your presentations to a higher level, your registration fee will be completely returned – no questions asked.

Still not sure? Read what others say about Michael Davis’s coaching:

“I would highly recommend Michael to anyone that has to give a speech. Michael is the guy that you have to get and work alongside. I’ve done a lot of speaking and never had an experience like I did with him to get ready for my Ted X talk. The guy’s amazing, and I hope to work with him again in the future.”   

       ~ Anthony Muñoz, NFL Hall of Fame, Founder of the Anthony Muñoz Foundation

“Michael Davis recently helped coach at our Storytelling Champ Camp…  and we were thrilled with the results. Our attendees were pleased with Michaels ideas about how to develop and deliver a World-Class Story.

I highly recommend Michael for speech and presentation skills coaching for your group or organization. He knows how to speak and teach at the world-class level, which is rare.”  

                                         ~ Darren LaCroix, CSP, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

“Michael truly has a gift in connecting with the heart of each person he works with and helping them to unleash their story into their talk.  All of the speakers raved about his work with them.  Each of them has had broad experience in speaking, but they all felt that working with Michael raised the bar on their ability to speak.

~Allison Wonders Gars, Speech Coach Manager, TED x Cincinnati

“I am thrilled with the results of our work together. Michael patiently worked with me to narrow down my stories to a relevant message that tied-in with the theme of the event.

Additionally, Michael provided me with a repeatable process that will help me create more stories that will have a lasting impact and influence others.

I highly recommend Michael for speech and presentation skills coaching for your group or organization. He knows how to speak and teach at a level that few can match.”

~ Justice Richard Bernstein, Supreme Court Justice, Michigan State Supreme Court

If you want to gain the sales benefits that storytelling can provide, join me to learn what I’ve learned from the best-of-the best. You’ll save time, frustration and you just might achieve higher levels of selling success than you’ve ever experienced.

Looking forward to hearing you on the call, and guiding you to craft your Stand OUT sales stories!

Warmest regards,

Michael Davis, Speaking CPR

P.S. Salespeople all over the world are looking for, and FINDING, ‘the edge.  Now it’s your turn. What have you got to lose?

P.S.S. You must register now to lock-in your seat (bridge line availability is limited) and to receive your bonuses and discounted price of $67.


How to Register:

Learn these ‘Sell With a Story’ skills from the comfort of your own home for just $67 (normally $97), AND receive two special bonuses if you register by March 10, 2016.

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3) Enter requested personal and payment information

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Sessions begin Thursday, April 7, 2016, at 8:00 pm EST and will continue on each Thursday in April.  Sessions will be recorded for repeated listenings. 

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