Michael Davis, Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Shows How You Can

Stand OUT from the Crowd when You Speak

7 Steps to a Stand OUT Presentation

The sad fact is that most people who give speeches are quickly forgotten.  There are 7 common mistakes that prevent speakers from creating memorable messages, connecting with audiences, and selling their ideas. What this means is that if you are unknowingly making these errors, you could be hurting your reputation, your income, and your career. If you give presentations of any kind, there is good news for you.  The solution is called:

 Stand Up, Stand OUT!

In this live workshop recording, you will learn 7 public speaking tools and processes used by Hall of Fame and World Champion speakers to create unforgettable presentations.  When you implement these, you will:

Become Better Known in Your Industry

Attract More Clients

Free Up Your Time

Increase Your Income

Reduce Your Stress Levels

There are three reasons you might not have studied the craft of public speaking until now:

1)  You believe that ‘great speakers are born

2)  You’ve had a bad experience in front of an audience

3)  You’ve been told your entire life that ‘Public Speaking is the Number One Fear’

In the Stand Up, Stand OUT! home study workshop, you’ll learn why Numbers 1 and 3 are myths, and why Number 2 makes puts you in good company with nearly every other person who’s ever lived.


What you’ll receive from this interactive program…..

=> The 7-step World Class Speech Creation Model

=> The 5-part Formula for Creating Compelling Material

=> The 4-Step Sales Tool that Connects with Every Audience Member

=> The World Class Storytelling Model that Gives You Deeper Impact

=> Five Keys to Open Your Speech with a Bang

=> How to Deliver a Conclusion That Leaves Audiences Wanting More

=> The Powerful Storytelling Secret that Compels People to Take Action Now

=> World-Class Delivery Tools that Create an Unforgettable Experience

=> And much more!


Learn all of these World Class Speaking Skills from the comfort of your own home for just $67.00

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“Michael Davis recently helped coach at our Storytelling Champ Camp…  and we were thrilled with the results. Our attendees were pleased with Michaels ideas about how to develop and deliver a World-Class Story. They left the event with a repeatable process that will help them create stories that will impact and influence others. Michael helped us to present a content-rich workshop that our attendees have come to expect. I highly recommend Michael for speech and presentation skills coaching for your group or organization. He knows how to speak and teach at the world-class level, which is rare.”  

                                                   ~ Darren LaCroix, World Champion of Public Speaking

“Investing in Michael is one of the best investments I have ever made.  I speak on the subject of diversity in the workplace, which can at times be a difficult topic to discuss. Michael taught me a repeatable process that allows me to create a foundational concept, a logical structure, an opening that grabs the audiences attention, and a conclusion that encourages my audience to take action that will save them time and money.

I highly recommend you consider hiring Michael.  It is one of the best investments you can make in your own growth.”

~Natalie Winfield-Holder, Founder, QUEST Diversity

“Mike has an easy way of working with you that isnt intimidating… Amazing, insightful feedback… My presentations are now far more interesting and result in additional sales of my services. No matter what the level of speaking at which you may be performing, youre sure to improve with Mike Davis.”

– Joanne Westwood, Founder & President, Westwood Virtual Associates


Although this program is content-rich, it will not be a ‘sit-and-listen’ experience. You’ll be actively involved and develop the foundation for your own world class speech. You will listen-in as like-minded individuals create the foundations of their presentations. You’ll learn just as they did in this ‘you-are-there’ experience.

Stand Up, Stand OUT! teaches you processes inspired by World Champion Speaker Craig Valentine.  Hall of Fame speaker Les Brown recently said that Craig “… is the best trainer Ive heard since being involved in this business of speaking, and I train and have been training speakers for 33 years.” Although Craig no longer conducts individual training, he and Mitch Meyerson developed the Certified World Class Speaking Coach designation to spread the word about his World Class speaking processes to as man people as possible. Michael Davis is one of Craig’s most highly sought coaches.

The information you learn in this home-study program has been proven to work by some of the best speakers in the world. When you complete this audio program, you will have a repeatable process that allows you to create speeches that connect, persuade and impact others.  In just 4 hours, you’ll pick up more tools and processes than you could in a year of self-study. Our goal is to help you discover these concepts quickly and easily, and benefit from the time and money Michael has invested to learn them.

When you implement the ideas you learn in this program, you will have more speaking skills than most presenters. You’ll have the ability to quickly and efficiently develop and deliver speeches that increase your influence, impact and income. This is the result of learning the World Class Speaking process. You create speeches that people will want to hear and pay for – time and time again. Your stories will be unforgettable. And you will be more in-demand.


Pick up all of these tools and processes in a learn-at-your-own pace program for just $67.00 

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