Are You Tired Of Not Getting The Results You Want From Your Presentations?

  • Do you want to feel more confident when you present?
  • Would you like to be more impactful and influential?
  • Do you need to be a more effective leader?
  • Is it time to improve your presentation skills?
  • Do your stories connect with others?
  • Do your presentations get you the results you want?

“Life is too short to give boring presentations!”

Speaking CPR Improves All Types of Presentations

  • Create impactful presentations for your annual event
  • Develop engaging and informative training sessions
  • Deliver more persuasive sales presentations
  • Uncover your most influential business stories
  • Craft more meaningful and memorable marketing messages
  • Produce inspirational keynotes and compelling breakout sessions
  • Generate networking messages that connect with others

If you need your next presentation to leave a deep and lasting impact, you need Speaking CPR

How It Works

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Step 1: Schedule Your Free Call.

Discover how Speaking CPR can best help you

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Step 2: Gain insight into World Class presentation skills.

Discover the repeatable and tested processes that make you Stand OUT every time you speak

Become a Master Storyteller

Step 3: Become a confident and influential presenter.

Capture the hearts and minds of every audience

What Makes Speaking CPR Different?

Speaking CPR is unique because of the processes they provide you. These enable you to create presentations that are engaging and inspire audience members with meaningful and memorable messages.

Some of the most successful presenters in the world have used these ideas to impact their audiences. They’ve been developed after careful study of Hall of Fame and World Champion speakers, business leaders, Hollywood script writers and entertainers.

But, how can you know if you this is right for you?

The answer is to invest 25 minutes of your time for a discovery phone call.

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“Michael Davis truly has a gift in connecting with the heart of each person he works with and helping them to unleash their story into their talk. All of the (TEDx) speakers raved about his work with them. Each of them has had broad experience in speaking, but they all felt that working with Michael raised the bar on their ability to speak.”

– Allison Wonders Gars

Lead Speech Coach, TEDx Cincinnati

“Michael Davis was one of the best coaches I ever worked with. I would recommend Michael, as a story and speaking coach to anyone with a high stakes talk to give. Michael will help you take your speech from good to great!

– LTC (Ret.) Scott Mann

Green Beret, TEDx Speaker, Author, Speaker, Trainer

“I highly recommend Michael for speech and presentation skills coaching for your group or organization. He knows how to speak and teach at the world-class level, which is rare.”

– Darren LaCroix

CSP , 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

How Much is My Investment?

We’ll be able to answer that question after your complimentary discovery call.

Before that call, answer these questions:

How much is ineffective speaking costing you?

How many people can’t hear your message because of lack of clarity?

How many of your goals aren’t being met because people aren’t inspired to take action?

How many people are passing on you because they’re either confused or uninspired by your message?

Does your speech convey why people need your product or service?

How many opportunities are you missing because of lack of confidence about your speaking skills?

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