Would you like access to a library of stories that you can use to support any point in your presentations?

Create a story file. This is a file you create on your desktop, your iPad, your phone, or even just a sheet of paper.

It’s a list of all the stories that are most memorable in your life. I highly suggest that you create a habit at the end of your day. Take one or two minutes and write down stories that impacted you that day.

You don’t need to create whole paragraphs. Write one sentence to use as a reminder. You know the story, you don’t have to write it out. All you’re looking for is a trigger to remind you of a story that might support a point.

Also create a second column. List the messages that your story could support. For example, I have a story about being humiliated in first grade, standing on a desk, My message could be, how to avoid pain and embarrassment.

Find the messages that your stories support and the next time you put together a presentation, you’ll have a list of stories you can refer to in order to give more power to your presentations.

Would you like help with your stories?

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