You’re scheduled to give a presentation at a company function. You know you should prepare, but…

Your schedule is jam-packed; you can’t fit in another task. Besides, you know this topic inside and out. You can “wing it.” You’re confident your natural charisma will carry you through.

Here’s the catch:

Speaking off-the-cuff often doesn’t end well. It leads to miscommunication, misunderstanding and missed opportunities. It could damage your reputation.

“The Improvisation Illusion”

Improvisational theater is a skill that takes years to master. Unfortunately, the best practitioners make it look easy. It’s as if they step on stage and wing it.

The best speakers also do this. Audiences don’t see the countless hours invested behind the scenes that create a memorable presentation.

Those people that don’t put in the time to prepare off and experience the following…

Loss of Credibility

Audiences know when you’re unprepared, and it undermines your authority.

Missed Opportunities

Without a well-structured message, you may fail to make the impact you intended. This can cost you  potential partnerships, sales, or other opportunities.

Inconsistent Messaging

When you wing it, your message can become muddled. This leading to misunderstandings, miscommunication, or mixed signals.

It can also impact your frame of mind:

Increased Anxiety

Knowing you’re not prepared can spike your stress levels. This makes it difficult to focus on your audience.

Diminished Confidence

When you don’t meet audience or your own expectations, it can kill your self-assurance.


The sinking feeling of knowing “If I’d prepared, I’d have done better.

Commonly Used Solutions That Don’t Work

Many business leaders think that a few bullet points or a quick outline is enough. They might rely on slides filled with data and text as a crutch. Some even think that a shot of liquid courage will do the trick.

None of these creates a connection with your audience. They often have the opposite effect. They often exacerbate the problem by giving a false sense of preparedness and focus.

How About You?

Have you ever tried to wing a presentation and found that it didn’t go as planned?

What actions did you take that didn’t work?

Share your experiences so we can each learn from them.

Let’s Discuss Your Situation

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Don’t fall for the Improvisation Illusion. Your message and your audience deserve better.

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