Don’t Let One Person Kill Your Overall Impact

Picture this. You’re presenting to a group of 100 people. They’re attentive and engaged. You’re in “The Zone,” fully connected with them and at the top of your game.

But then, you see him. Halfway back in the crowd, a silver-haired man in a stylish, casual business suit. His arms are crossed, and he has a scowl on his face.

You focus on him a be a too long… and you’re no longer in The Zone. You start to wonder, “What am I doing wrong?”

Inexperienced presenters are subject to falling into the trap of the Lone Scowler – the one unhappy person in a sea of attentive and engaged audience members.

Why Do We Focus On THE ONE?

I’ve asked many speakers and comedians this question. They often admit that, despite the room being filled with smiling, nodding faces, their attention zeroes in on the one person who seems disengaged or critical.

The answer to the question is rooted in our insecurities — a deep-seated need for approval and fear of rejection.

If you’re feeling uncertain about yourself or your presentation, you are susceptible to focusing on the unhappy individual.

When you do this, it sucks your energy and confidence out of you. When that happens, you lose the connection with the audience.

The Irony Of This Situation

You have no idea why that person looks unhappy. True, you may have said some thing that that individual didn’t like. Most likely, though, it has nothing to do with your presentation. Chances are, the person is thinking about something other than you and what you’re saying:

  • A family problem.
  • The poor evaluation they just received
  • A lost sale
  • A health issue
  • Financial challenges

The list is endless.

You can’t be sure that the person, despite the look on his face, may be getting relief from a problem by being in the room. You may be his one escape for the day.

You can’t know unless you have a conversation with this individual.

When you give a presentation, scan the audience for friendly faces — there will be many. The power of your presentation lies in your ability to connect with the majority. By giving your energy and attention to the supportive faces, you reinforce your confidence and enhance your delivery.

If there is a negative face in the crowd, don’t jump to the conclusion that it’s all about you. Instead, tell yourself something like, “I’m not sure why that person is having a bad day; hope it gets better” and look around for other friendly and engaged faces. Those are your allies and cheerleaders. They deserve your focus.

The opportunity to present to any group is a privilege. Will you let one negative face cheat the rest of the people in the room from the positive impact you can have on them?

What is one way you effectively handle the negative face in the crowd?

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