Key Speaking Lessons From World Class Speakers

Last weekend, I had the honor of emceeing an event for speakers. Its called Lady Lady and the Champs Speakers Conferenceand the Champs. The ‘Champs’ are three former World Champions of Public Speaking turned professional speakers. The ‘Lady’ is Hall of Fame speaker Patricia Fripp. Other featured presenters were a Las Vegas headliner, and, a business development expert.

During the weekend, this thought occurred to me:

These six world class presenters have a combined 151 years of platform experience. Yet, in the last year, they’ve each become better speakers. They were excellent year ago. But, they didn’t sit back and rest on their laurels. They improved.

Why Do These Speakers Continue to Improve?

Because they are lifetime learners.

I interviewed some of them during the conference, and they answered one question:

“What have you learned in the last 12 months that makes you a better presenter?”

Each gave brief, yet thoughtful answers. And every one was different. You can see them deliver their responses here.

Seven Lessons From Speakers at the Top of Their Game

These speakers, who are at the top of their game, have taught me these seven key ideas:

1. Never stop learning. To quote World Champion Speaker Darren LaCroix, CSP, AS, “Always be a sponge.”

2. Seek advice from people who will tell you the truth. Pats on the back and kudos are nice. But, growth comes listening to individuals who’ll tell you how you can improve.

3. Get on stage every chance you get. Repetition and testing of material is your fastest and best road to speaking success.

4. Take a hard look at your speeches, or speaking business, and ask “How can I add more value?”

5. Schedule your success. Make appointments with yourself to accomplish your most important tasks.  For speakers, this is writing, practice and feedback time.

6. Listen to your audience. They’re constantly communicating with you.

7. Be specific and targeted about your marketing. Know who your ideal client is and focus on reaching those individuals.

How to Best Use These Tips

Are these a lot of new ideas?

Yes. That’s what happens when you surrounded yourself with world-class people. They stimulate your brain and imagination.

If you like these ideas, take one-at-a-time, and work with them.

Test for 30 days. Decide if that tip works for you.

Then use the next idea.

Within half-a-year, you’ll be much farther down the road toward your speaking goals.

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