Create a Clear Image in Your Stories

I teach people how to write and deliver better stories and speeches. I’m always on the lookout for new perspectives about the subject. In 2010, I was watching a special report from Haiti on the NBC Evening News. The lead stories were about a recent earthquake.

How to Ensure Audience Interest in Your Stories

Create vivid images in the minds of your audience when you share stories

A reporter asked a local official a question about the inability to get supplies to victims. He mentioned the destroyed roads. Clogged waterways. Limited airport capacity. He then said, “You know, getting these supplies to the people is like trying to shove an elephant through a straw.”

In eight words, that official painted a vivid mental picture. It helped you understand the size of the problem.

Are you creating images that help audiences understand your point?

Most speakers don’t.  Take, for example, the financial services industry. It is steeped in numbers, graphs and charts. Most financial professionals don‟t connect with the people they’re talking to.

The key to making a connection when talking to people about their money is to create images that will last. One of the financial firms I’ve worked with has mastered this concept.

What You Can Learn From an Orange

Orange Financial is a firm that uses the orange as a metaphor for your financial world. An orange starts out as a small seed. It faces many possible “enemies” – frost, pesticides, hurricanes, bugs, etc.

What keeps the orange safe while it’s growing? A thick, tough skin that allows it to grow to maturity.

Does that skin need to be punctured one time to ruin the orange, or does it need to be completely ripped off?

One puncture can destroy it.

How an Orange Relates to Your Money

Your financial world works the same way. You are always at risk from financial “enemies.” These include job loss, long term illness or injury, or stock market downturns. Do you need to experience all of these events? Or can  one destroy your financial world?

It only takes one event if you’re not prepared.

What keeps your financial world safe from the unexpected?

A protection plan. A plan and products that provide security for your family and your money. Your financial “skin.”

One of Orange Financial’s philosophies is ‘Protection First.’ Imagine that they presented this philosophy with numbers and pie graphs and linear charts. Would that make an impression on you as much as the image of the skin of the orange protecting the fruit?

Having spoken with dozens of their clients, I can tell you the answer is “No.”

How This Imagery Impacts Clients

Orange Financial also effective uses stories of client experiences. These help others understand the challenges they face. They create an experience for their clients that develops a deep bond.  Orange Financial aren’t just salespeople or financial planners.  They’re valued and trusted advisors.

Are you like Orange Financial?  Do you create memorable images that stick in the minds of your audience? Do your listeners understand and remember your message? This is critical to deepening your connection with them.

Crafting memorable pictures is a challenge.  You’ll have to invest time to develop relevant metaphors, but it’s worth it.  Be creative and test your ideas. You can create your own “Shove the Elephant into a Straw” image. This will give more life and depth to your presentations.



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