Preparation makes the difference between a forgettable presentation and one that has a lasting impact.

Great athletes and performers rely only on their talent and skills; they have pre-event rituals that put them in the best state to perform at peak levels. They know that preparation is key to success.

If you want to deliver a powerful presentation, adopting a pre-speech preparation routine is essential. These rituals help you stay focused, confident, and ready to engage your audience.

But many speakers overlook the importance of pre-speech prep. They rush through their notes or skip preparation altogether. This leads to missed opportunities to connect with their audience. If you neglect this crucial step, you risk stumbling over your words, losing your audience’s attention, and harming your reputation.

Here are seven essential pre-speech preparation tips to help you perform at your best:

  1. Get in the Room: When possible, get into the room where you’ll be speaking before anyone arrives. Familiarize yourself with the environment – various view points around the room, the acoustics, and the speaking area. This helps you get comfortable and reduces anxiety.
  2. Hydrate: Drink water to hydrate your body and keep your voice clear. Avoid substances like caffeine or dairy products that dehydrate or jitter you up. Also, avoid drinking cold liquids before speaking as this tightens your vocal cords.
  3. Speak Hungry: Don’t starve yourself, but present on an empty stomach. This keeps your energy high and prevents mental sluggishness.
  4. Vocal Exercises: Warm up your voice with vocal exercises. This gives you better range and power.
  5. Physical Exercise: 15 to 20 minutes before you speak, engage in physical activity like jumping jacks, squats or stretching to burn off excess energy and calm your nerves. This helps you stay focused and poised.
  6. Deep Breathing: A few minutes before speaking, take deep breaths to relax and center yourself. This also enhances your voice projection.
  7. Four Questions: Immediately before you speak, answer these four questions:
  • Why am I here?
  • Am I present?
  • Will I have fun?
  • What does THIS specific audience need from me?

Dedicate 15 to 20 minutes to these preparation steps and you’ll transform your presentation from ordinary to extraordinary. You’ll feel more in control, and your audience will receive a more meaningful experience.

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