The Secret CODE To Stir Audience Emotions

When you hear a memorable story, do you know why it has an impact on you?

Audiences often tell me it’s because the story touched their emotions.

This is true, but there’s a deeper and more impactful reason. Well-told stories resonate with you because they trigger the Brain CODE.

Want To Connect? Get Primal.

What is the Brain CODE?

It’s based on the release of a series of brain chemicals — the neurotransmitters. They’re released when you hear a sensory-rich and emotional story.

Narrative was critical to the survival of our earliest ancestors. They shared their history, morals, and history through story. They did this before they created written language.

Over the millennia, human brains evolved to react to stories. The best ones triggered the listener’s senses and emotions.

We now live in a time of speedy and massive technological change. But, our brains are still ‘wired ’the same way as our forebears. Neurotransmitters flood into our body when we hear compelling narratives.

The CODE Defined

These are the four specific neurotransmitters we’re referring to:





In our next four posts, we’ll take a deeper look into each of these to understand why they work. You’ll understand how each can improve your communication impact and influence.

For now, know that triggering the Brain CODE enables you to:

– Immediately grab your listeners ’attention

– Keep their interest from start-to-finish

– Inspire them to act

– Earn their trust

Do this, and you’ll:

Sell more of your product, service, or idea

Become better known

Increase your impact

Make more money

Free up more time

Look for our next post. You’ll gain insights into the benefit of triggering the release of cortisol in your listener.


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