You’ve probably heard about the use of AI (artificial intelligence) in language processing, data analysis, and machine learning.

One specific AI, ChatGPT, is proficient in text generation, enabling users to receive quick and accurate answers to their questions.

It has also created anxiety in the business world. Many fear for the future of their jobs.

Which is why we need to slow down and take a breath (or twenty).

Despite its impressive capabilities, ChatGPT is limited in many areas. One is in performance evaluation for topics like public speaking and storytelling.

There are two specific areas in which AI cannot compete with human beings:

  • Evaluating the emotional nuances of a story
  • Uncovering the “heart” of a speech
The Importance Of Emotion And Heart In Your Presentations

Effective communication is about more than delivering a message. Emotion and heart are crucial factors in connecting with your audience and creating a lasting impact.

The best speech coaches and trainers have an inherent understanding of human emotions. They are experts in helping individuals create emotional experiences by focusing on:

  • Vocal intonation
  • Facial expressions
  • Body language
  • Effective use of silence

These enable speakers to convey their messages with sincerity, passion, and in their natural voice.

Why ChatGPT Falls Short in Evaluating Emotion and Heart

Lack of Emotional Intelligence: ChatGPT is designed to generate human-like text based strictly on data. But, it lacks the emotional intelligence necessary to understand and evaluate subtle speech nuances.

Humans, on the other hand, possess an innate understanding of emotions. We’ve been learning these skills since the day we were born. We’ll continue to discover nuances and subtleties about them until we die.

No Comprehension of Nonverbal Cues: ChatGPT is unable to comprehend nonverbal cues. These play a critical role in conveying the heart of a speech. Without the ability to recognize and interpret them, ChatGPT cannot provide the same level of feedback as a human being.

Inability to Provide Personalized Feedback: ChatGPT relies on its training data to generate responses. These are created from a collective bank of information.

This means it lacks the capability to provide feedback based on intuition, hunches, or gut-feelings.

On the other hand, humans can tailor feedback to the unique strengths and weaknesses of each presenter. This ensures a more effective and meaningful evaluation experience.

Limited Empathy and Connection: ChatGPT, as an AI, is unable to empathize with human emotions and experiences. This is a critical aspect of speech feedback.

Human speech coaches can connect with their clients on a personal level, understanding their emotions and helping them to channel their feelings effectively during a speech.

ChatGPT is an impressive AI tool that has many useful applications.

But, it’s limited because it cannot understand and evaluate the emotion and heart of a speech.

Therefore, AI is not ready to replace humans in areas such as giving in-depth and comprehensive speech feedback.

It cannot compare to human expertise. We possess emotional intelligence, an understanding of nonverbal cues, the ability to provide personalized feedback, and the capacity for empathy and connection.

Until AI can replicate these complex human traits, it will continue to fall short in the realm of speech coaching.

(Please note: AI is not in a position to take over the world and wipe out humanity.The first version of this post was written by ChatGPT. If it had sights set on eliminating me and assuming control of my business, it would have refused to write this first version.

We worked together. I added the human touch and the emotion to give heart to this post).

An AI-driven Tool That CAN Help You Improve Your Speech

Even though it can’t evaluate heart and emotions, AI can be helpful with some of the technical aspects of speech delivery.

Speaking CPR’s new speech diagnosis tool gives you specific and measurable feedback about your delivery. It shows you your strengths and areas where you need improvement.

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