Start This One Habit To Supercharge Your Impact

In an ideal world, speakers continuously work on their presentation to ensure they create maximum impact. With high stakes talks, if you master your message, you’ll deliver meaningful and memorable material in a manner that creates a bond with your listeners.

But, there’s a catch—continuously tinkering with your presentation can lead to diminishing returns. The more you fuss over minor details, the greater the risk of diluting your message. You lose the essence of what makes your talk impactful.

Freeze The Design

So, embrace the concept of “freeze the design.” In speaking and comedy, there’s a pivotal moment when you must stop the constant changes, tweaks, and adjustments to your presentation.

It’s about reaching the point where you trust your message and preparation, and allow yourself to fully embody the material. Rehearse until it flows out of you without having to think about it.

Do this, and you’ll tap into your natural rhythm and flow. This ensures you’ll deliver a presentation that feels relatable, genuine, and effortless.

Remember, it’s not about achieving perfection, it’s about creating connection.

Create Your Book Without Writing a Word

Earlier this week, I sent out information about the presentation, “Create Your Book Without Writing a Word” from my friend Michael DeLon.

I hope you got to watch it. If you didn’t, the replay of the webinar is available for a few days.

Here are a few things Michael talked about:

  • The top 3 reasons business owners write books (“sell lots of copies” isn’t one of them)
  • The 3 steps in the Profitable Author Pathway, starting with “extract your genius”
  • How it’s possible to get a professional book done in just 24 hours of your time, spread across 9 months
  • Real stories of results from real clients

If you’re interested…

CLICK HERE to watch the recording.

In case you were interested in having Michael and his team help you create your own book, you can schedule a call with him on that same page. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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