How can you give your audience insight into your main character without giving a long and drawn out backstory?

One cool way is to describe the way your character is dressed. This can give us insight into the individual’s personality.

For example, picture a woman who confidently walks into a party in a Christian Dior or other high-end type of dress, adorned with Tiffany’s jewelry. What does that tell you about this person?

She’s sure of herself. She’s confident. She’s probably financially well off.

Now, imagine a young man who hesitantly walks into a room, wearing a neatly pressed but clearly worn out suit that’s seen better days. His shoes are freshly polished but have holes in the soles,

What does that tell you?

He may be shy or a little intimidated. He cares about his appearance.

Financially, he’s not in the best position. He may be a hard worker with big goals.

Those aren’t the only details you can share, but if you have three details about how your character is dressed, it will give us insight into this individual’s personality.


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