Before pilots take off in a plane, they use a valuable tool to ensure their plane is ready and as safe as possible.

They use a checklist.

Every aspect of the plane and the flight is double-checked. 

This gives them an opportunity to look for unexpected damage and last-minute changes to their flight path.

Checklists are an important part of flying and one reason why most flights land safely at the desired destination.

A Checklist For Your Stories?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a checklist to ensure your story starts and safely ‘lands’ where you want it to?

Fortunately, there is such a checklist. It’s called…

The Storytelling Mastery Checklist.

On two pages, you can quickly determine if each part of your story is included.

To help you navigate the Checklist, there’s also an Overview for you to gain a better understanding of each essential part of your story.

I routinely use a checklist for my stories and to make needed updates and improvements.

It saves me time, energy, and frustration. It also helps me craft the best possible story.

What is the cost of a valuable tool like this?


How much are your time and energy worth? 

Download this tool, and in less than 30-minutes, you can ensure you have this best possible story every time you give a presentation or speech.

To download your Storytelling Mastery Checklist and Overview today, provide your name and email in the box below.

If you want to save the usual time, money, and frustration normally needed to create stories, don’t delay. Get your Storytelling Mastery Checklist and Overview today.

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