The bottom line is, you gotta pick up the phone and make the calls.   ~ Joe Bonura

This week, I had the pleasure of spending two hours with one of the best sales trainers in the country, Joe Bonura.

After creating a successful ad agency, Joe sold his business in 1988.  Within a few days of that sale, he jumped head-first into the world of professional public speaking.  His specialty was sales training, with an emphasis on using the telephone to increase your number of prospective clients.

During his talk this week, Joe said, “The bottom line is, you gotta pick up the phone and make the calls.”

In those few words, Joe also summed up the key to becoming an effective speaker.  I love studying the craft of public speaking and storytelling, and coaching others to be the best possible speakers they can be.  I also enjoy sharing wisdom from my failures and successes, if it will save you time and heartbreak.

As important as this information is, there is ONE key to becoming a great communicator – whether speaking to a large group, teaching a small gathering or a one-on-one sales meeting.

Speaker Standing TallStand Up and SPEAK!

It’s that simple.  I’d rather a prospective speech coaching client give six months of speeches with no coaching, than to hire me but never speak.

The only way to get comfortable in front of others, and learn if your message is clear, or if your stories make an emotional connection is to share them with real, live human beings, and get their feedback.

After 20 years of speaking, it’s still not easy to listen to feedback when you’re told “Your message isn’t clear,” or, “Your story doesn’t resonate with me.”  I don’t know anyone who loves to re-write a speech into which s/he has invested a great deal of time.

If you’re willing to hear honest feedback, and do the work to improve, you’ll quickly move past those people who aren’t willing to do so, and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Want to be a better speaker?

Stand Up and SPEAK!

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