Because of the preponderance of technology at our disposal, you and I can can gain instant access about any topic in a split second. This is a terrific benefits for speakers, leaders, and sales professionals. We can provide whatever knowledge our audiences need.

In the Information Age, this was a benefit. It enabled us to demonstrate our expertise and helped us earn people’s trust.

The Drawback To Unlimited Access

But, this access to unlimited material is a now a problem. Because of technology, our audience members also have access to the same information we do. If we continue to speak the way we used to, we’ve fallen into the trap of presenting TMI (Too Much Information). If we’re trying to sell them on an idea, we won’t persuade them with more data. In other words,

TMI Means They Won’t Buy.

If you’ve ever sat through a presentation that felt like an avalanche of information, you know what I mean. The moment a speaker starts bombarding you with endless statistics, charts, and graphs, your mind begins to wander. You start thinking about your phone. “Why am I listening to this?” or “Is there a point to all of this?” are the only thoughts running through your brain.

A Simple Solution

Emphasize perspective over data.

Instead of trying to impress with an information dump, provide your perspective and insights about the implication of that material to the listener’s life.

Imagine this scenario: You’re speaking to a group of potential clients. You share the experiences of current clients who’ve faced the same challenge as your audience.

Based on how they overcame that problem, you give hope to this audience that they, too, can overcome the challenge. This provides them with a new perspective on the obstaclethe information hasn’t changed, their point of view has. They now feels confident they can succeed.

The next time you’re preparing a presentation, resist the temptation to overwhelm with material. Instead, focus on one idea that demonstrates that your listeners can overcome their problem. A single, impactful message will capture audience attention and inspire them to take action.

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