Networking is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and demonstrate your expertise in solving client problems. If you effectively communicate your skills, you’ll attract new clients and centers of influence.

But most professionals fail to capitalize on these meetings because they don’t demonstrate their expertise and how they save clients time, money, and aggravation.

Instead, they tell others what their title is, all of the services they provide, and how they work.

The result of this is that their message is quickly forgotten because they sound like everyone else. The hard truth is they don’t care what you do or how you do it until they know which problems you solve.

If you only share the “what” or “how” of your work when you network, then your networking events will be a waste of time.

So, transform your networking approach. Stop giving monologues with details about the work you do.

Instead, engage in conversations about the challenges you’re excited to tackle. This shifts the narrative from self-promotion to demonstrating your problem-solving abilities.

This makes your initial meetings more memorable. Networking shouldn’t be about how much you talk, but how effectively you connect and demonstrate your abilities.

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