Speaking CPR is unique because of the processes they provide you. These enable you to create presentations that are engaging and inspire audience members with meaningful and memorable messages.

Some of the most successful presenters in the world have used these ideas to impact their audiences. They’ve been developed after careful study of Hall of Fame and World Champion speakers, business leaders, Hollywood script writers and entertainers.

But, how can you know if you this is right for you?

The answer is to invest 20 minutes of your time for a discovery phone call.

We know how hard it is to craft and deliver presentations that clearly communicate your ideas. Speaking CPR has helped presenters from all backgrounds — business leaders, professional and TEDx speakers, and sales professionals. These individuals have discovered the secrets to creating impactful messages that inspire people to take action.

When you create a clear message, your speech begins to work for you. More prospective customers buy your products and services. They begin to spread the word about the benefits of working with you. Your team shares a consistent message that increases their efficiency and productivity

Speaking CPR was founded by Michael Davis. Michael has studied and worked with leading speakers and storytellers from various industries since 2001. He’s the creator of the ‘Stand Up Stand OUT Public Speaking’ and ‘7 Cs to Sensational Storytelling’ programs.

He is the author of ‘THE Book on Storytelling’ and the Kindle book series ‘Sell More With Stories.’ He’s consulted with businesses, executives and TEDx speakers to improve their speaking. He discovered the power of business storytelling when he was a financial advisor. After accidentally incorporating a personal story into a money workshop, he saw his number of one-to-one appointments increase 271%.

With his customized speaking and storytelling coaching, you will:

1. Discover the keys to creating confidence and managing anxiety every time you speak

2. Be introduced to the 5 keys to crafting speeches that capture the attention of your audience and compel them to take action

3. Pick up the proven 7-step storytelling process used by the most persuasive presenters

Science has proven that the human brain craves clarity. It avoids confusion at all costs. If your audience is confused about your message, they’ll tune you out and return to whatever was occupying their minds before you started your speech.

When you craft a crystal-clear message and deliver it with confidence, they’ll pay attention. Your influence and impact will grow.

Speakers that succinctly and clearly share their messages win. They win the hearts and minds of their audience, they win the business and they win because they impact more lives every time they speak.

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