Imagine This Scene…

You want to write new post, record a video, or create a blog. You sit down to write and your brain…

Goes blank.


You can’t think of nothin’!

How does that feel?

Most people feel frustrated when this happens. You know your topic, you have valuable insights, but, you’re trying to draw from an “empty well.”

A Simple Solution Right Under Your Nose

Don’t fret. You don’t have to create new material. You’ve already developed enough ideas for the next few years. You need a reminder of where to find them.

I recently faced this situation. I’ve recommitted to posting daily videos and needed new material. A friend reminded me of the following:

  • I’ve been writing blogs since 2007
  • There are 791 videos on my YouTube channel
  • I have a phone and cloud storage filled with pictures.
  • I’ve posted on social media for over a decade.

Those are four sources for topics on which I can provide a fresh perspective.

What type of material have you created that you can revisit?




Social media?


Why Would You Recycle Old Material?”

I’ve heard people say, “I can’t do that. I need to provide new material for my readers/viewers or they’ll think I’m lazy!”


I could agree with the sentiment if people were implementing the ideas they read or see on video. The sad truth is most don’t. They’ll read about a new idea and think, “That sounds great, I should try that.”

“Try” is the key word there. The majority go back to their old ways and never try the new idea.

You’re doing them a favor by reintroducing a concept that works. You’re providing them an updated perspective. The topics are still relevant and you have a deeper understanding of them

How Can Your Camera Roll Help?

If you’re like most people, you have pictures stored on your camera or in the cloud. I have many pictures of places I’ve visited and my dogs. (Please don’t tell my kids, but I have more pictures of the pets than the kids).

There are reasons you took those pictures. What are lessons you could take from them that would help others?

You can you turn those insights into a post or a video.

Don’t Worry About Re-posting Old Ideas

Some people resist this idea. They’re afraid people will call them out for rehashing old topics.

Here’s a secret:

Most don’t remember what they read a week ago. People are inundated every day with information. They might remember you wrote a blog post they once read. They might vaguely remember the subject. But, I promise you no one is going to send an email that states, “Hey! You’re being lazy. You wrote this a year ago! What gives?”

The opposite is more likely. If you’re providing fresh ideas into a topic they like, they’ll be happy to hear an updated perspective.

The next time you have to create a post or video and you’re stuck for ideas, don’t stress out. Check your previous work – there’s a goldmine of ideas that need your new perspective. You might help somebody who needs new insight on an old topic.


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