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When asked how he earned the moniker ‘Your Public Speaking MD,’ Michael Davis replies, “When you have an ordinary name like ‘Mike Davis’ you have to become creative and develop a unique brand.

“My colleagues and I created the company name Speaking CPR because I believe that most presentations are on life support, but can be saved. One day, a friend said “Michael, since you’re using the medical theme with your company, I notice that your initials are M.D. Why don’t you become ‘Your Public Speaking MD?’

“My brand was born.”

Michael’s passion for storytelling and public speaking was not obvious early in his life. When he was in first grade, he experienced a humiliating event that kept him from standing in front of groups of any size for 25 years.

When he was a new financial advisor, part of his jib was to deliver seminars and workshops. They were poorly delivered, and resulted in very little business. He was given an ultimatum – “Become a better presenter…. or ELSE!!”

Because of that threat, he joined Toastmasters International, where he discovered a passion for public speaking. He learned that crafting and delivering impactful presentations is a learnable, repeatable skill. He also realized that he had a gift to help others improve these skills. That inspired him to create his company.

To keep abreast of new ideas from the speaking world, he works closely with World Champion and Hall of Fame speakers. Additionally, he works with a leading Hollywood scriptwriting consultant, professional comics and an award-winning Las Vegas headliner. They’ve expanded his knowledge of speaking and presentation skills. Because of his dedication to the craft, Michael is sought by speakers all over the world.

Michael is the author of ‘THE Book on Storytelling’ and the Kindle book series ‘Sell More With Stories.’ He is a contributing author to three public speaking books, as well as the book ‘Living a Wealthy Life.’ He’s been featured on podcasts like: ‘The Business of Story,’ ‘Speaker Match Radio,’ and ‘Speaking of Wealth.’ He has spoken for many organizations, including: General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers, and the Cincinnati Human Resource Association.

Michael also works closely with speakers in the Ted X Cincinnati event, and has successfully coached competitors in Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. He is a candidate member of the National Speakers Association (Kentucky Chapter) and a member of Toastmasters International.

He lives in Blue Ash, Ohio with his family and boss of the house, Sky the Chihuahua.

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