Michael’s mission is to help leaders, managers and sales professionals communicate with more confidence, impact, and influence. This passion is born from his own difficulties early in his career.

In October of 1994, he was a Certified Financial Planner. He thought he was a good presenter until he received feedback from a financial workshop he had hosted. Comments like ‘This guy talks way too fast’ and ‘His constant movement is a distraction’ and ‘..feel like I’ve been hit with a firehose – way too much information’ dominated the comments.

To make matters worse, his manager gave him an ultimatum, “Fix this… or else.”

Fortunately, a good friend steered him toward Toastmasters, an organization created to help leaders and professionals improve their presentation skills. Michael didn’t know it a the time, but that was a major turning point in his life.

Toastmasters introduced him to a new perspective on speaking and presenting. It was there he met some of his future mentors – World Champion and paid professional speakers. That led him to the National Speakers Association, where he met some of the most successful speakers in the world.

Through these individuals and other successful communicators, Michael discovered a passion for public speaking, presentation and communication skills.

An important early discovery was that communication skills are like riding a bike, swimming or driving a car – they’re learnable. He wa taught that great presenters aren’t born, they’re made.

Eventually his love of the topic led him to become a Certified World Class Speaking Coach. He wrote ‘THE Book on Storytelling’ and the Kindle book series ‘Sell More With Stories.’ He is a contributing author to three public speaking books, as well as the book ‘Living a Wealthy Life.’

He’s been featured on podcasts like: ‘The Business of Story,’ ‘Speaker Match Radio,’ and ‘Speaking of Wealth.’ He has spoken for many organizations, including General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers, and the Cincinnati Human Resource Association.

He has also been a coach with Cincinnati TEDx since 2015 and is a faculty member of the online Stage Time University.   

He has helped all of these individuals and groups become more confident, influential and impactful presenters by showing them how to discover more confidence, create more clear and concise menages and deliver their talks in a more dynamic and natural style.

Michael is available to help you or your organization experience the same results that his clients have enjoyed.

He lives in Blue Ash, Ohio with his family and boss of the house, Sky the Chihuahua.


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