Darren turned to one of his associates, one of the coaches on his online university, Michael Davis.

Michael helped to make Darren’s event a success, and continues to do so today. He is skilled at:

  • Keeping your event on-schedule.
  • Ensuring that the spotlight is focused is on your speakers and participants.
  • Balancing the energy between speakers.
  • Making announcements sound interesting and fun.
  • Lengthening or shorting introductions as needed.
  • Commanding audience attention.
  • Gauging the mood in the room.
  • Positively contributing to the overall experience.

Michael has emceed events for corporations, non-profit organizations, and events featuring world class speakers and entertainers. His energetic and fun style will make your event the best possible experience.

The cost of choosing the wrong emcee for your event can be high. Don’t take a chance hiring someone who isn’t experienced in this role!

Hire Michael. His preparation includes researching your organization, your speakers and your audience . This ensures that no matter what last-minute changes, or unexpected incidents, your event will be a rousing success.

The first step for you to begin mastering the skill of Stand OUT Presenting is to schedule a 20-minute interview. In that call, you’ll determine how Michael can best work with you.

Begin mastering the skill of speaking now by scheduling a 20-minute interview.

To schedule your no-obligation call, click here.

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