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The Growth Process Podcast by Rohling Growth Advisors

Want to improve your sales and your impact? You stories more effectively.

This was the topic during my conversation about Business Storytelling with Tim Rohling, Founder/President on ‘The Growth Process Podcast.’

Key ideas from this conversation include:

4:43 – Why introverts make effective communicators
7:10 – How are you can effectively manage fear of public speaking
11:10 – Avoid this massive mistake I made which almost cost me my business
16:59 – Why virtual presenting will always be more difficult than in person, and how to make best use of it

Making Waves at C-Level


Are You Afraid To Speak In Public?


Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast


Your Story Your Glory podcast


Quantum Leap


The Speaker Springboard Podcast


Virtual is NOT Going Away – Unforgettable Presentations podcast #104


Michael Davis: Articulating Your Story to Your Audience


Taking the Unexpected Route with Michael Davis


Shed the Formality




Want to pick up insights into becoming a memorable TEDx speaker?

Darren LaCroix and Mark Brown host a lively and engaging discussion about TED and TEDx talks on their Unforgettable Presentations podcasts. They speak with TEDx coaches Cathey Armillas and Mike Davis.

Many people dream of speaking on a TED stage, but, they’re not familiar with the differences between speaking at traditional events versus speaking at a TED event. This episode gives you insights that will give you an inside track to earning your spot on a TED stage.



When creating presentations to communicate data within your organization, it can be tempting to focus on just the data and perhaps try and fit too much into one talk. Learning how to trim down to one central theme and use genuine stories is critical to a successful presentation of data. This narrative will help you connect with your audience and get your message heard.

Listen to my interview on the Business of Storytelling with Park Howell. Hear how I got my start in storytelling by nearly being fired for my lack of presentation skills. In fact, my struggles went back to first grade. A humiliating incident kept me from telling stories in my career for many decades. This fear was almost fatal to my work in the financial services world. Today, others learn from my mistakes when they hire me to learn how to use storytelling to connect with audiences and move them to action.

To listen to the interview, click here.


Click the ‘Speaking of Wealth’ logo above to gain access to the Speaking of Wealth iTunes library. Click on Episode 232 to hear Jason Hartman of Speaking of Wealth interview Michael about the power of storytelling in business and from the platform.


Wes Schaeffer, the Sale Whisperer, interviews Michael to help you know:

  • How to get out of your comfort zone to grow your sales?
  • How to overcome the negative, self-defeating stories you tell yourself to find your story that is worth telling?
  • What to do with PowerPoint?
  • How to “sprinkle” your offering throughout your story?
  • How to convert the room and collect a ton of names and contact information without using expensive, complex, scary technology?
  • The two questions he asks during every presentation to increase his opt-ins.
  • How many times you must give a speech before you get really good?
  • How to look at “screwing up”
  • The four questions you can ask yourself to determine how you’re doing as a speaker, a trainer, a storyteller, and a professional sales person.

To listen to the interview,click here


Listen in as Paul Furlong of Opus Media interviews Michael. They discuss the seven foundations that make memorable and meaningful stories. Pick up the following storytelling tools:

  • How to introduce memorable and relatable characters
  • The importance of conflict in your story
  • Why a ‘cure’ scene is vital to your narrative
  • The critical nature of showing your audience the change in your main character
  • Why dialogue transforms your story into an experience

To listen to the conversation, click here. Select podcast #5 (‘The 7 Cs of Storytelling).


Discover how storytelling can give you an edge in selling. Learn why the power of story has become popular in the business world. Uncover ideas on how even shy and introverted individuals can be effective public speakers. To read the interview, click here.


Learn how to create stories that grab audience attention, keep their interest, and compel them to act on your message. Listen to Michael share these ideas on Speaker Match Radio:



Time to Shine Podcast 128. Michael Davis: How to Create Your Best Stories



Living the dream with Curveball



The Power of Story and Science

Pick up insights into how you can use stories to bring statistics and data to life. Listen in on the lively and engaging discussion between my fellow World Class Speaking coach David Otey and me.


Three Word Podcast


Michael and Fadhwa Yusuf discuss how to deliver a compelling story on the program ‘Gems of Life.’


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