Have you ever received a poor speech evaluation… one that left you feeling cheated?

Have you ever given an evaluation that left the speaker feeling cheated?

For years, my speech evaluations left something to be desired. I knew I wasn’t giving the best possible feedback about other’s speeches.

How to Evaluate Speeches bookThen I met Lance Miller, Toastmasters 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking. He said, “Mike, if you
want to be a better speaker, become a better evaluator.” Since Lance is a World Champion speaker, and I’m not, I heeded his advice. I immersed myself in videotapes, CDs, and books, learning everything I could about speech evaluations.

The result? My evaluations improved significantly, as did the quality of my own speeches.

Now, you, too, can improve your evaluation skills with the same information I learned. In the audio recording Evaluate to Elevate, you’ll learn the very best and most useful techniques so that you can immediately improve your evaluations.

You will pick up the following tools and processes:

  • Understanding the most important reason you evaluate others
  • Teaching others how to develop and use a central theme to connect with an audience
  • How to use metaphors and stories to drive home your main point
  • Structuring your evaluation for maximum impact
  • Creating a speaker-centered evaluation that creates immediate impact
  • …and much more!

Once you’ve learned these skills, you’ll find that not only will your evaluation skills improve, your confidence and speaking abilities will increase significantly.

Additionally, you will:

  • Become known as an evaluator who provides valuable insight
  • Create more opportunities to improve your own speeches
  • Accelerate your own growth
  • Enjoy the process of evaluating others
  • Reduce the tension often associated with evaluating others
  • …and much more!

As you teach these ideas, you will incorporate them into your speeches… and your impact and connection with audiences will soar!

Elevating Through Evaluations! Instant MP3 Download – US$ 15.00

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