Virtual Presentation Mastery

Virtual Presentation Mastery


How to Quickly Go From Dull to Dynamic

Lauren was talking with me on a recent ZOOM call. “Michael, I’m really anxious about this online presentation I have to give in two weeks. I just can’t get the hang of speaking to a camera. I’m fine in front of a group of people, but when I have to speak virtually, I freeze up. I feel so…disconnected…

I really hate this! I can’t wait till we get back to normal. How do you get comfortable talking to a screen and not have the same interaction you get when you’re in person?


Since COVID-19 spread across the globe, Lauren’s experience has become common amongst most professionals. Many experienced presenters — business leaders, sales professionals, even highly paid professional speakers — have felt the frustration, fear and anxiety of being forced overnight to become competent virtual presenters.

If you have felt any of these emotions, and are just waiting for the world to get back to “normal” I have some bad news for you….

The ‘new normal’ is the ‘new reality’. Virtual presenting is Here.To.Stay.

How can I say this?

As a result of the global lockdown, companies and organizations discovered that virtual presentations have several benefits, including:

  • Less travel time for employees, which means more productive work hours
  • More flexible working hours for stay-at-home workers
  • Lower operational costs when employees aren’t working in offices
  • Elimination of travel, hotel and food costs associated with ‘live’ conferences

We will return to in-person meetings, but, a combination of live and virtual presentations will be part of our everyday business lives in 2021 and beyond.

If you are willing to embrace this new reality and master the fundamentals of virtual presentations, you’ll create more opportunities than you ever imagined.

Because of the reasons listed above, there are more business meetings being held every day across the globe. Meeting planners and organizations are desperate for competent and qualified virtual presenters.

Presenting to a camera is not the same as presenting to a room full of people. Those individuals who recognize this and adjust their presentation styles to match the needs of virtual audiences will be in high demand. This can have a profound impact on your career or your business.

You can gain access to vital online presenting skills in the new virtual mini-course entitled, ‘Virtual Presentation Mastery: How to Quickly Go From Dull to Dynamic.’

Implement the processes and tools from this course into your stories and you will…

  • Be more confident and influential in front of the camera
  • Attract more speaking opportunities 
  • Create a more enjoyable and engaging experience for your online audience
  • Reduce the anxiety most people feel when preparing for virtual presentations
  • Enjoy giving presentations

The most impactful leaders and speakers in 2021 and beyond will be excellent online speakers. And you can be, too, but only if you pick up the keys to become a confident and influential virtual presenter.

Virtual Presentation Mastery: How to Quickly Go From Dull to Dynamic gives you insights and foundational concepts that enable you confidently prepare and deliver meaningful virtual presentations.

In this course, you’ll pick up:

  • The 7 Benefits of Mastering Virtual Presentation Skills
  • The 5 Biggest Virtual Presenting Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them
  • 3 Myths and 3 Truths About Virtual Presenting



Bonus #1

A copy of Speaking CPR’s Virtual Presentations Mastery Checklist.

This document gives you a checklist that you can use to prepare and deliver each key component for your next online presentation.

You will receive this one-of-a-kind checklist  ($97 value) at no additional fee when you invest in ‘Virtual Presentation Mastery: How to Quickly Go From Dull to Dynamic.

Bonus #2

A 30-minute phone call with Michael Davis to discuss your virtual presentation challenges. You can ask any question or share your presentation ideas with him.



What is your investment in this mini-course?

Just $97!


That’s it. For $97, you’ll gain access to this video course and bonuses that provide the insights to become a virtual presenter people want to hear.

Who is Michael Davis, and why should you listen to him?

Michael is an author, speaker and Certified World Class Speaking Coach who has coached and trained speakers on four continents.

In 2017, he was asked by his mentor to host the weekly virtual coaching calls for Stage Time University. He agreed reluctantly because he had no virtual presenting experience.

The first few weeks were not good. He made every possible mistake, like not knowing when to mute people with noisy backgrounds, how to transition to videos, turn the sound on when playing videos and many other essential elements for a successful online experience. 

With his mentor’s patience and guidance, Michael became proficient at hosting the weekly calls. Since that difficult start, he has hosted, coached, spoken on, and led over 500 virtual events.

He is passionate about helping others avoid the trial-and-error he went through to become a confident and influential presenter, both online and in person.

His training and coaching programs focus on the fundamentals of speaking and storytelling both in-person and online. These skills enable you to develop presentations that connect with every audience, deliver them in an authentic style and create a call-to-action that gets tangible results.

Michael is the author of ‘THE Book on Storytelling’ and is a highly-sought trainer and speaker. He has trained business leaders, sales professionals, professional speakers and TEDx speakers on four continents. The videos of TEDx speakers he has coached have been viewed over 3 million times. He is also a faculty member and coach at Stage Time University and Rooftop Leadership.

He lives in Blue Ash, OH with his family and the overlords of their home, Sky and Riley, the Super Chihuahuas.


Virtual Presentation Mastery
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