TED talks have become a global phenomenon. The opportunity to talk on a TED stage can change your career and your life.

How do you get on a TED stage?

And what do you do once you’re there?

How can you take advantage of this opportunity to spread your unique idea all over the world?

To answer these questions, and put you in a position to present a Stand OUT TED talk, Michael has crafted this one-of-a-kind coaching program. His work with TEDx experts and his experiences as a TEDx coach give him a unique background in this arena.

He will offer you insider secrets to navigating the waters to audition for, and earn, your TED speaking opportunity.

In this content-rich program, you’ll discover:

  • The critical differences between traditional public speaking and TED talks.
  • How to develop ‘TEDx-style’ content?
  • How to deliver in the manner TEDx prefers?
  • How to prepare for you TEDx experience?
  • And more

The opportunity to talk on a TEDx stage can change your life, but only if you know what you’re doing. Don’t take a chance of not giving your best possible presentation.

Talk with Michael to see how he can help you make the most of your TEDx experience.

Become a Stand OUT TEDx speaker via:

  • One-to-one presentation skills coaching
  • Tele-seminar training

See Results in 30 Days, or Less!

If you want to master the TEDx process, and leave a lasting impact — don’t wait another day.

The first step for you to begin mastering the skill of Stand OUT Presenting is to schedule a 20-minute interview. In that call, you’ll determine how Michael can best work with you.

Begin mastering the skill of speaking now by scheduling a 20-minute interview.

To schedule your no-obligation call, click here.

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