Congratulations on Investing In Your Personal Growth, and Thank You for Trusting Me to Help You Become a More Confident, Influential and Impactful Online Presenter


The tools and processes you pick up in the series will save you months, if not years of frustrating trial-and-error learning. To get the most out of the course, I suggest you make it a daily habit to study the material. Take one or two ideas and implement them into your next online presentation. Once you’re comfortable with those, add one or two more.

Keep repeating that process until you’ve addressed every relevant challenge to your online presentations

Below you will find the links to the 12 videos of each lesson in this series. Please note that you’ll need the password to gain access to each video. Also, the links to your checklists and ‘Online Presentations’ report are available below.

Course Videos:

The password to access videos is: HELP!2020

VIdeo #1 – Introduction

VIdeo #2 – Obstacle or Opportunity?

VIdeo #3 – Equipment – Your Platform

Video #4 – Equipment – Your Microphone

Video #5 – Equipment – Your Camera

Video #6 – Equipment – Effective Lighting

Video #7 – Effective Webinars

Video #8 – Tips to Host Effective Business Meetings

Video #9- Effective Delivery

Video #10 – How to Deliver Humor and Manage Questions Online

Video #11 – How to Quickly Improve Your Online Presentations

Video #12 – Recap and Final Thoughts

Checklist for Effective Business Meetings Click Here

Checklist for Online Meetings Click Here

The links to your free bonuses can be found below:

Bonus #1: Report ‘Help! I Have to Present Online. Now What? Click Here

Bonus #2: MP3 ‘Panic to Power’ CLICK HERE to download the MP3 (File size: 77 MB)

We hope you enjoy and receive great benefit from these bonuses 

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