The ability to stand up before an audience and give a meaningful presentation is one of the most effective business skills you can develop. For many people, this is difficult to do.

In this engaging, entertaining and informative program, Michael shares his story of overcoming a humiliating childhood experience and the threat of losing his job because of poor presentation skills.

You’ll pick up the tools and processes he discovered from some of the worlds best presenters. You can use these same techniques to transform your presentations into memorable experiences.

At the end of his program, you will know:

  • The keys to managing anxiety about speaking and feeling more confident about giving presentations
  • The secret to crafting a memorable foundational idea.
  • How to develop supporting points that keep your listeners fully engaged.
  • The most effective way to open your presentation so that you immediately grab the attention of an audience
  • How to conclude your talk in a manner that inspires people to immediately take action
  • The best methods to deliver your talk in a dynamic style

Choosing the wrong keynote speaker or breakout presenters can reflect badly on your organization. Don’t take a chance with an unproven presenter.

Michael Davis is a veteran speaker who presents energetic, interactive and informative talks. Within days of hearing his presentation, your team can become more confident, impactful and influential presenters.

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