When you go on a road trip, what’s one of the first actions you take?

Most people say, “Pull out my cell phone, open up the GPS and plan the best route.”

Makes sense, doesn’t it? 

Every person wants to get to their destination as quickly and trouble-free as possible.

What if you could plan your business stories the way you plan your trips?

A step-by-step ‘roadmap’ to ensure the necessary parts are in place, free of detours and unnecessary pieces.

There is such a map. It’s called…

The Storytelling Mastery Model

On one page, you can complete your audience-ready story.

To help you navigate the Model, there’s also a Worksheet for you to make notes.

I’ve used this type of map and worksheet for years to create the first draft of my stories and to make updates and improvements.

And here’s what my client Pam recently said,

“This Model and Worksheet is worth $100. It gives you the keys to make a story much better!”

How much is your investment for this Story Model and Worksheet?

NOT $100!

If you’d like to save time, money, and the frustration of trial-and-error, you can gain access to this Model and Worksheet right now, for just…

Just $27

How much is your time worth?

To save yourself time, money and energy, get your Story Model and worksheet, click on the ORDER NOW button below.

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