Why Tell Stories?

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Always remember, YOU have a story that someone needs to hear.

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  1. Luke Bong

    Hi Michael,

    Great stuff. Stories are absolutely powerful. When I have a complex idea to share with people, I find that every time I tell it in a story form, they will understand better.

    Look forward to more from you.


  2. Michael Davis


    Thanks so much for your feedback. Complex ideas pared-down to simple stories will almost always help the audience retain your ideas.

    To your continued success.


  3. hamed

    Thank You Mr.Davis.
    this file solves one of my problems about StoryTelling. Thank you.

    • Michael Davis


      I’m glad to hear this helped. Hopefully the remaining 51 tips will offer more :).

  4. celine szoges schwartz

    Stories make the time passed seem very short… shorter than a lecture.

    • Michael Davis

      Celine, excellent point. Memorable stories do make time pass more quickly.


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