My friend Dan is a top-notch business consultant. Recently he was advising a client on how to effectively demonstrate her company’s value.

He told her, “If you tell stories you can effectively demonstrate your vision and mission.”

Her response?

“Dan, we don’t have any stories like that.”

This got my attention. Dan’s client shared a sentiment I often hear. It reveals one of two problems most businesses face:

  1. They have relevant stories, but leaders don’t understand which ones are most impactful or how to effectively structure them.
  1. The company isn’t living up to its stated values. If there are no stories to share, it’s because the business isn’t acting in ways that are consistent with its vision.

This second point is worth repeating, and shines a light on a key reason to share company stories:

They reveal if your organization is living its stated values.

The reality is that in most cases, companies are focused on a bigger purpose; they have the stories, but they don’t recognize them. This is a problem that’s easily solved. Luckily, it helps me stay employed!

With qualified coaching, you can demystify the process and discover what “impactful business stories” are. They’re about moments where your business values shine and your mission is a lived experience.

But, if you can’t uncover these stories, it ‘s time for deeper reflection. Revisit your values. Are they truly reflective of your business’s heart and actions, or simply aspirational statements?

Engage your team in this reflection. Create opportunities to live your values in visible, tangible ways, and the stories will naturally follow.

Don’t take this exercise lightly. When you’re living your values, the stories are there. If you’re struggling to find them, it’s time to reevaluate and get in line with your stated vision.

Need Help Uncovering Your Impactful Stories?

Recognizing and sharing your most valuable and impactful stories is difficult for anyone. You lived the experience, but it’s not easy to see how it can help others.

If you’re struggling to uncover your organizations, most valuable experiences and turn them into unforgettable stories, let’s talk. I specialize in helping you uncover and develop a narrative which will effectively demonstrate your companies vision, and how you help your customers.

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