In the last week, I’ve received several articles centered around the idea of “22 tips to help you succeed in 2022.” I appreciate the cleverness enthusiasm of the authors. They have outstanding ideas, some of which I may implement.

But, there is a problem. 22 is too many choices. In his book, “The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less,” Barry Schwartz points out research that proves when we’re given too many choices, we often choose none because our brains are overloaded.

I teach this principle to my speaking clients. If you give too much information or too many options to your listener, they won’t take action.

Therefore, I offer you only two suggestions to improve your speaking in 2022…

Speaking Success Tip #1 – Accept the New Reality

As much as we want life to return to the way it was pre-COVID, it’s not happening soon and may never. 

For speakers, this means you have to always be prepared to speak to a camera. 

Even if you have a signed contract, you’ve secured plane tickets and a hotel reservation for that big live speaking engagement, you have to be ready to shift to a virtual presentation if the next variant (or some other event) compels the meeting planner to shift to a virtual event.

If you want to be a successful and highly silent speaker in 2022 and beyond, it’s vital you become as effective in front of the camera as you are with a live audience

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Speaking Success Tip #2 – It’s All About the Habits, Stupid!

In late 2021, I went through a four-month period in which my business was floundering. I wasn’t getting hired for speaking engagements and I wasn’t being hired for consulting.

What WAS happening was my bank accounts were dwindling.

And then I received an email from my friend and mentor, Darren LaCroix. He asked me to review the transcript for his new book, 17 Minutes to Your Dream. 

The premise for the book is:

If you want to succeed in any endeavor you need to create a habit of daily action.

While reading the transcript, I had the thought, “It’s all about the habit, stupid!” (If you’re old enough to remember Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign you remember their mantra was, “It’s the economy, stupid!”)

With this revelation, and inspired by Darren’s 17 minute-idea, I’ve focused on re-establishing old success habits. 

I now start every day writing for 17 minutes. Because of that, my second book is no longer stuck in my head. My transcript will be sent to an editor sometime in February.

I’m now putting systems into place to create the daily habits of article writing, connecting with prospective client leads, and reaching out to organizations for speaking opportunities.

Where will these lead?

I don’t know, but I have a much better chance of success than if I just randomly take action.

Our world constantly promotes the idea of instant success. This is a HUGE LIE. No one has ever achieved overnight success and sustained it long-term. 

This type of thinking leads to discouragement and disillusionment when you take a couple of actions, but don’t get your expected results. 

The idea I’m promoting here is slow and consistent progress. It works. It’s not as fun as ‘instant gratification,’ but it’s realistic. It’s how success is achieved.

If you push through short-term frustration and keep pushing forward, you’ll experience the joy of building your habits and creating long-term success.

SOLUTION: What is one new habit you can develop in the first two months of 2022? 

Start with a goal that’s been nagging at you, stuck in your brain, but for which you haven’t taken action.

Set aside at least 17 minutes every day to work on that objective. 

Start with one goal. Don’t work on two, or 22. Once you’ve developed your one new habit toward that one specific objective, you’ll gain confidence, enthusiasm, and optimism for the process.

And then, and only then, will you be ready to go after your next big objective.

Happy New Year. Don’t stuff yourself with too much food, or too many goals.

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