Story Insight #11 – How To Give Insight Into Your Main Character (Part 1 of 3) 

The best stories are about the transformation of a relatable main character. In the next three posts, you’ll pick up insights into how to create a main character that people will root for and want to see succeed.

The starting point is obvious. As simple as this sounds, give us the character’s name and title. Whether it’s “CEO”, “sales professional”, “single mom”, or “struggling college student”, give us a title or position this person has.

This doesn’t mean that your audience will be filled with people of the same position as your character. But, when we know this person’s station in life, it can set up other characteristics that you’ll share with the audience. These will help the audience feel a bond with your character.

Give the listener your character’s name and title or position.

In the next post, you’ll discover how to describe your character without sounding overly descriptive or giving too much backstory.

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