A Change in the World of Speaking

Feedback from my recent workshop attendees is clear. The biggest needs for virtual presenters is:

  • They want to know how to create audience engagement from start-to-finish
  • They want the tools to create better audience feedback

Underneath these desires is a more relevant point. We’ve experienced a shift in the nature of speaking. It’s the New Reality of the presentation world:

The Pandemic has accelerated the death of the speaking model.

Which model is that?

I Speak. You LISTEN.

I Speak. You Get INSPIRED.


Before COVID 19, the world’s best speakers understood this isn’t the way to present. They were masters of engaging their audiences.

Most Speakers Still Subscribe to the Style of Talking AT Their Audiences.

In the virtual world, this leads to quick audience disconnection. To keep the attention of your listeners and viewers, you have to involve them.

Three of the most successful methods are:

  • Polling
  • Chat Rooms
  • Breakout Rooms

Each of these tools serves many purposes:

  1. They create involvement, participation, and engagement
  2. They give you feedback on what is impacting them
  3. They give you insight into which areas of your topic you should focus on in future presentations
  4. They provide material to use in your marketing and promotion

It’s Time to Evolve

Bill Gove was The Father of Professional Speaking. He taught his students that speaking is much more than sharing ideas and information. His followers were top professionals that entertained and enlightened. One way to sum up his model:

I Speak and Entertain. You Laugh, Learn, and Get Inspired.

His methods inspired thousands and worked for decades. His students and their audiences were richly rewarded. And the speaking industry lifted to new heights of professionalism and impact.

I don’t know if Mr. Gove foresaw the technology that now impacts speaking. They’ve triggered an evolution in how we present. The Lockdown has accelerated these changes. Audiences are now conditioned to be more involved in presentations. Thus, we have to shift how we present to them.

It’s become cliché, but it bears repeating here:

We’re never returning to the old ways of doing business. And that includes HOW we speak to an audience.

Reject This idea at the Risk of Your Own (Professional) Peril 

If you continue to present the way you always have, the cost will be high:

  • You’ll lose audience interest
  • They won’t feel engaged in your presentations
  • You’ll lose other opportunities to speak
  • You’ll miss out on making money
  • This will all have a negative impact on your confidence

Yeah, I know, I’m a ray of sunshine. Here’s the good news:

Adjusting to this new style takes time, practice, and preparation. And most people won’t do that. If you are willing, you’ll have more chances to speak than you did pre-COVID.

The global workforce is still homebound. Companies and organizations are hosting more meetings. And they’re desperate for effective online presenters.

Adjust to the new ways and you’ll have endless opportunities to speak.

Where Do You Start?

Use the tools mentioned above. Practice, drill, and rehearse. Don’t worry about mistakes. I’ve given over 500 online presentations, workshops, and seminars and still make errors. Audiences are forgiving if you don’t make an issue of the problem, and move on.

Beyond the three methods listed, there are dozens of more ways to create involvement. Google ideas. Search YouTube. Check out the complimentary report below.

Presentations have been forever changed, not by the pandemic, but by technology. COVID sped up the process. Embrace this New Reality. You’ll create opportunities that positively impact you and your audiences for years to come.

What do you think? Where do you see the future of speaking and presenting?

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