The Seductive Lure of the New: Why Chasing Shiny Objects Is Costing You
The “Distraction Dilemma”  

The age-old adage of “the grass is always greener on the other side” has found a home in most businesses. It’s called the “Distraction Dilemma.” This is a condition where you can become easily distracted by new opportunities, new connections, and new projects.

We tend to think that new means better, but is that really the case?

I was recently reminded of this condition while talking with podcaster Mark J Carter. He said:

“Why are we chasing shiny new objects when we have people who know, like, and trust us in our networks. When you already have rapport and comfort with those individuals, focus your time and energy on them.” 

That is the cost of pursuing new opportunities. We tend to think that new means better, but is that really the case?

The “Overlooked Pot Of Gold” Experience

You’ve probably been there — drowning in new contacts from networking events, scrolling through LinkedIn connections you barely remember, or deciding whether to accept new invitations to connect.

It’s exciting, sure, but here’s what you’re probably experiencing:

  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): You consistently wonder if there’s a better opportunity to create more business..
  • Unproductive Time Spent: You invest countless hours researching, emailing, and vetting new opportunities or people.
  • Unfamiliarity: Starting from scratch with new connections takes considerable effort to build trust and comfort, with no guarantee of success.
Traditional Solutions And Their Downsides

Many people, in an attempt to strike a balance, divide their time between their current network and chasing new opportunities. However, here’s where it gets dicey:

  • Spread Thin: You can’t give necessary time and attention to either.
  • Loss of Depth: Building meaningful connections requires time and engagement. You lose out on that depth by focusing on quantity over quality.
  • Dilution of Trust: Your existing network might start to feel neglected. This will erode the trust you’ve built.

Even worse, some individuals completely neglect their existing networks. This leads to lost opportunities, a damaged reputation, and constant stress from restarting the process.

A Better Approach: The “Pot Of Gold” Strategy

Why chase unknown possibilities when you already have a pot of gold in front of you – your existing network?

Here’s a focused way to leverage your existing relationships:

  • Identify Core Connections: List people whom you genuinely value and have interacted with.
  • Nurture: Make a concentrated effort to engage, catch up, and provide value to these individuals.
  • Referral Power: Trust is already established; make the most of word-of-mouth or direct referrals.
  • Collaborate: Look for projects where you can pool together your strengths and resources for mutual benefit.

Have you been allocating too much time chasing new relationships, only to find it less rewarding than you thought?

Is it time you revisit people you know to uncover golden opportunities?

Let’s connect over a short Zoom call to discuss how you can maximize opportunities within your current network. To schedule your call, click here.

Turn the spotlight back on the individuals who know you. You’ll reclaim lost time and energy. You will also reap the rewards of trust and rapport you’ve already built.

Isn’t it time to stop looking to the horizon and revisit your what’s right in front of you?


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