A Speaking Experience

Recently, I attended a presentation that changed my perspective on Power Point. The speaker was Mike Robertson, a motivational speaker.
For me, the underlying message of his talk was ‘How to WOW your audience.’ He use of visuals, slides and videos was unlike anything I’ve seen. His use of Power Point slides was masterful Actually, he utilizes Apple’s version of Power Point, Keynote.
Mike’s previous career was in graphic arts. Because of his unique perspective, Mike has created visuals that are more than slides. They create an experience for his audiences. What’s most impressive is that his slides don’t overshadow his message — they enhance it.

Are You Speaking with Slides the Same Way?  Are You Speaking to WOW?

Driving home from the event, I passed by this long-abandoned commercial trailer. I realized that this is a metaphor for most speakers slides decks. They’re run-down, tired and forgettable.
Once-in-a-while, presenters attempt to ‘spruce up’ their slides. They’ll change a font, or add a transition effect. But, it doesn’t make a difference, the slides are still forgettable.
To be transparent, I’ve been anti-Power Point most of my coaching career. But then, I saw a presentation by past NSA president.Dr. John Molidor. He’s a brain scientist. He talked about how the brain takes in information. He discussed how audiences learn today.

Speaking to All Senses

Dr. Molidor convinced me that visuals (slides, videos, pictures) can enhance your talk. Audiences need ongoing stimulation to stay engaged. Well-crafted slides can help you keep their attention. Omitting visuals can dilute the impact of our messages.
Mike Roberston convinced me that slides can transform your message. They can create a WOW factor and leave a lasting impact.
I’ve seen the Promised Land of Power Point. Slides can support your message — bring it to life, but not overtake it.

Take Your Speaking to a New Level

How can you ensure that your slides add to the impact of your talks? How can you create a lasting, positive impact on your audience?
Invest the time to learn the basics of these tools. Mike’s talk convinced me that most speakers — including me — put little effort or imagination into our slides. There is no excuse to not knowing how to create more impactful slides. You Tube videos, books, articles etc. are available on the internet 24/7.
Mike Robertson has a few videos on his You Tube channel. Click here to check them out. You don’t need to become a full-time Power Point expert or graphic artist. But, commit to your audiences to invest the time to create an experience.
Hire someone like Mike. It’s worth the investment to hire an expert. I’ve found this approach saves me money over a long period of time.
Has your speech — and your supporting visuals — become run down? Do they leave the same impression as an abandoned trailer?
Want to create a presentation that people experience, like a beautiful and Speaking Experiences Like the Taj Mahalmemorable structure like the Taj Mahal?
Step outside your comfort zone. Create visuals that touch the audience long after your time on stage.


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