Public speaking is a common fear among CEOs. Before taking “the big chair” they may not have had to speak in front of groups.

However, as the face of the organization, it’s important they often stand up and speak. This could be to the board, executive teams, the organization, clients, or prospective clients.

Speaking anxiety doesn’t have to hold you back. Here are seven insights to help you overcome your fear and become a confident, impactful, and influential presenter:

1. Focus on your audience.The people in front of you want you to succeed. They’re too busy to have their time wasted by poor presentation. Connect with them as quickly as possible and make your speech relevant to their interests.

2. Prepare. Know your subject and internalize the flow of your talk, This will help you feel more confident. Practice your speech until you don’t have to think about it. Also, anticipate questions your audience may ask.

3. Visualize. Imagine yourself confidently presenting your speech. Picture yourself feeling calm and in control. See your audience giving you a genuinely enthusiastic response.

4. Take care of yourself physically. Sleep well the night before.Eat well. Drink water the day before and day of your speech. Avoid milk-based products and caffeine the day of your speech. and well-nourished before giving a speech.

5. Start small. If you are new to public speaking,start with smaller,less intimidating audiences. This will help you build confidence and gain experience.

6. Be A Sponge. Ask for feedback from your audience or trusted colleagues after your speech. Ask for specific feedback:

• What is my main message?
• What did they like, and why?
• What was confusing or distracting?

This will help you identify areas for improvement and where to make adjustments for future speeches. Feedback is the fastest path to improvement.

7. Self-talk. Affirmations can put you in a positive state of mind. “I am confident and capable” and “I’m giving my audience great value” and “I am the right person to deliver this message to this audience.”

Self-talk is especially helpful in the moments before you speak. These types of messages do wonders for your confidence.

Yes, public Speaking can be scary if you’re not prepared. But, it is a critical skill if you’re in a leadership role. It can be developed with practice.

Use these tips, be persistent. And you can overcome your fear and become an influential and impactful public speaker.


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