Have you ever listened to a story that left you feeling…. Meh?

There are several reasons why stories don’t create an emotional connection. One of the most common is lack of motivation for your main character.

Consider this story:

A prospective client wants to give better speeches. She’s always wanted to stand in front of people and speak. It’s one of her greatest dreams…


Apologies, I drifted off there for a moment.

Kinda dull, isn’t it?

There’s no compelling or relatable motivation.

Let’s spice it up a bit.

A prospective client, Karen, looks nervous. She tells me, “Michael, I want to get a promotion. My boss told me I need to improve my presentations. If I don’t get three new clients in the next 30 days, I’m going to be passed over again for the promotion.”

Isn’t that more engaging and relatable?

We know why Karen wants to improve. She’s motivated.

Why Motivation Is Critical To A Memorable Story

There are several reasons motivation is vital to your story:

  • It provides the foundation for the main character’s actions and decisions.
  • It also helps the audience connect with and understand this individual’s values, beliefs, and desires. These influence their decisions and actions.
  • It drives this person to pursue their goals, face challenges, and overcome obstacles.
  • It adds depth and complexity to the character.
  • It creates realism if the audience has a similar motivation.
  • It drives the plot of the story.
  • It can create conflicts and tension. The character’s goals may clash with those of other characters in the story.
  • It can keep the audience invested in their story and rooting for them to succeed.
  • It can lead to character growth and development. The main character learns from their experiences and adapts their motivation.

Without a clear motivation, the main character’s actions may seem random or arbitrary. This makes it difficult for the audience to empathize with them.

Not receiving the results you expect when you share your stories?

Review your main character’s motivation. Is it clear?

Is it relatable?

Is it like your audiences’ motivation?

If not, include a clear and concise motivation when you tell your next story. You’ll leave a long-lasting impact on your next audience.


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