Diagnosis Without Technology

Imagine you’re a doctor. You’re working with a patient who needs tests to determine the source of her abdominal pain. The only tool at your disposal is a stethoscope… no x-rays and no MRIs.

This combined with your experience and training is all you have to make a proper diagnosis.

How effective will you be?

Based on your experience and competence, you might determine the problem. But, your work would be easier if you had more modern technology at your disposal.

How This Relates To Communication Skills

I’m a professional speaker, and public speaking and storytelling coach. I’ve been fortunate to help professionals improve their communication effectiveness. Through experience and persistence, I’ve developed a competence for helping others’ presentation skills.

But this type of coaching can be time-consuming. Like the doctor above, the work could be more efficient with modern technology.

Fortunately, a technology like this is now available. It’s called Yoodli.

What Is Yoodli?

It’s an artificial intelligence-powered speech analysis platform. It provides instant feedback on your speech material and speaking style.

Yoodli enables you to:

– More quickly improve your public speaking skills

– Become a more confident communicator

– Take your speaking skills to the next level.

How It Works

With Yoodli, you to record your speech on camera. You then receive detailed feedback:

– Insights into your speech material or script.

– Effectiveness of your pacing

– Volume

– Use of silence

– Filler or weak words

– Eye contact

– How much you smile

This feedback enables you to make real-time improvements.

What Are The Specifics?

Your material/script: Yoodli uses a chatbot-like technology that offers feedback on your word usage and speech structure. It gives advice on how to more structure sentences or paragraphs.

Pronunciation and Accent Correction: Yoodli uses advanced speech recognition technology to analyze your pronunciation. It identifies areas of needed improvement. This can be useful to reduce your accent or improve pronunciation in a foreign language.

Pacing and Volume: Yoodli provides feedback on speaking pace and volume. This helps you to control the rhythm of your speech and ensure that your audience can clearly hear you.

Pausing and Silence: Yoodli measures the silence between sentences. It lists your best uses of silence throughout your talk.

Eye Contact and Smiling: Yoodli diagnoses your level of eye contact with the camera. It also determines how much you smile during your presentation.

Clarity and Confidence: Yoodli’s feedback helps you become a clearer, more confident speaker. With regular use, you can identify and address areas where you may stumble or trip over words. You can make improvements to your speech that will boost your confidence and clarity.

Personalized Feedback: Yoodli allows you to share your presentations with coaches or other trusted advisors. They can offer time-stamped feedback. This helps you focus on areas that need attention. This feedback is tailored to your specific speaking style and goals. This ensures that you receive relevant and actionable evaluations.

Practice: Yoodli offers games that enable you to practice impromptu speaking, using metaphors, or eliminating filler words. Additionally, it offers a feature that allows you to practice interview skills.

These will enable you to build your “speaking muscles.”

Are looking to improve your public speaking skills?

Want to become a more confident communicator?

Yoodli can help you take your speaking to the next level.

This technology, combined with qualified coaching, will help you become the speaker other people WANT to hear.

Want To Learn More?

To discover how this tool can provide value to you, schedule a brief, complimentary ZOOM call. Click here: https://calendly.com/speaker017/20-minute-call

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