How To Be Different From Your Competitors

Use the Elevator to Stand OUT from the Crowd

What to Say When You Only Have a Few Seconds

When you have an opportunity to give a 30-second ‘elevator speech’, what do you say?

Most people introduce their name, company name, and what they do.

To be blunt, who cares?  People are busy, and your name, company and job title don’t mean anything until your value to others is determined.

What is a better way?

Author Carmine Gallo, in his book The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs (a book I highly recommend) suggests one way of answering this question. Build your introduction around the answers to four questions.

1) What do you do? 

2) What problem do you solve? 

3) How are you different? 

4) Why should I care?

With apologies to Mr. Gallo, I suggest adding one more step…start with a question. Then follow with the answers to his four questions.  For example, as a speech and presentation skills coach, I start with these two questions:

Have you ever heard a bad presentation? 

Ever given one? 

Put These Questions Into Practice

Then, using Mr. Gallo’s four questions, I explain my services:

1)  I help you eliminate bad presentations and create meaningful messages that compel people to seek you out to do business with you

2)  My seven-step process provides the tools to create and deliver unique stories that help you stand out from other speakers

3) Using tools learned from World Champion and Hall of Fame speakers, I provide customized coaching programs to individuals and groups

4) These processes help you gain more confidence as a presenter, become a better leader and improve your bottom line

This approach is effective because it immediately engages the listener with a question, then provides specifics to what I provide (meaningful presentations; people seek you out; you’ll stand out from other presenters). It offers proof of my credibility (I work with World Champion and Hall of Fame speakers). Lastly, it gives the benefit others receive (confidence; better leadership skills; improved bottom line).

This approach also helps me determine who is a prospective client. They’ll say something like “tell me more.”  Thus, I spend my time with people who are legitimate candidates for my services.

Your time is valuable.  Every marketing opportunity is a chance to stand out from the crowd, or be quickly be forgotten. The next time you introduce yourself to someone, try this process, and increase your odds of standing out from the crowd.

Recommended Resource

‘Sell More With Stories – Book 5: Sail 7 More Cs to Sensational Storytelling’

Sell More With Stories: Sail 7 More Cs

‘Sell More With Stories: Sail 7 More Cs to Sensational Storytelling’

Want to sell more of your product, service or idea, in less time?

Storytelling is the most powerful selling device you have, but only if it’s effectively used.

In this 5th book of the ‘Sell More With Stories’ series, you’ll pick up seven additional storytelling ‘tools’ to create meaningful stories. These enable you to create sales presentations that connect with prospective clients at an even deeper level. They also help you sell more in less time.

When you’ve complete this book, and the entire series, you’ll know how to:

– Grab and keep the attention of your listener

– Make buying easy for your prospective customer

– Develop a deeper level of emotional interest in the buyer

– Illustrate how your product, service, or idea will solve their problem

If you want to more easily navigate the waters of selling, ‘Sail 7 More Cs to Sensational Storytelling’ is your storytelling compass. To get your copy, visit:

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