Welcome to our new Coach, body language expert Sky the Super Chihuahua

She’ll teach you how to get what you want without saying a word!

•   Persuading others to rub your belly, neck, or back with the swipe of a paw

•   How to effectively get a treat with a simple wag of the tail

•   Persuading others to happily wake up at 3:42 AM to take a bathroom break in the middle of a bitterly cold winter night

•   How to use high pitched whines to get those extra morsels of table scraps

•   Convincing people in your home that incessant barking is necessary because there really IS an ax murderer in the back yard

•   How to use a cute face and big ears to get you ANYTHING you want

Coach Sky can help you get everything you want without uttering a single word!

Dig Deeper To Uncover More Value

I trust you’ve gotten a laugh from this. On a serious note, if you re-read the ‘benefits statement’ above, you’ll see a different perspective on my dog’s everyday behaviors. She communicates various messages without the use of language.

What does this have to do with you and your team?

This is an example of how you can look at each person’s skill in a new light. Don’t stop at labeling them with surface skills like, “She’s great at sales. He’s terrific with processes. They’re awesome at organizing.”

Dig deeper. How can selling, processing, or organizing skills be leveraged?

How can they help your team members feel more valued by your organization?

How can you increase their confidence and motivation and add to your bottom line?

You don’t need to hire a Super Chihuahua to your team to add more value. Take a deeper look at the skills of each individual and ask, “How can we leverage them for greater impact?”


Get A Fresh Perspective On The Value In Your Stories And Experiences

The biggest challenge to writing stories is you usually cannot see the power or the message in your own experiences. You’re too close to them. You lived through those events and it’s difficult to see the value they can provide to others.

Even world-class speakers have coaches to help them see the gold in their stories.

If you’d like to talk with Michael about your story, schedule a 15-minute call to determine how he can help you.

Schedule your no-cost & no-obligation ZOOM call: https://calendly.com/speaker017/20-minute-call

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