The Key to Giving Energy to Your Speech

Every time you give a speech, whether to a group of two or two-thousand, it’s an opportunity to be remembered… or quickly forgotten. Many people mistakenly believe that public speakers are only those who stand up and give eloquent motivational presentations, stirring political speeches, or rousing corporate keynotes.

The reality is, in the words of Hall of Fame speaker Patricia Fripp, every person who speaks outside of his or her home is a public speaker.

What is the key to connecting with an audience, and reaching their hearts?

How to Bring Energy to Your Speech

Passion brings energy to your speech and your audience


The Key to a Memorable Speech

Think about the greatest speeches you’ve heard. They might include President Kennedy’s inaugural, Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln memorial, or President Reagan imploring “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

What did each of these speeches have in common?

They were delivered with great passion.

A common misconception about this subject is that you have to be an extrovert who speaks in a dynamic style, with grand gestures and a booming and captivating voice.  Nothing can be further from the truth. Some of the most passionate speakers talk in a controlled voice, with moderate volume.  You can still feel the strength of their message and their emotion.

How Do You Present Your Speech With Passion?

The worst thing you can do is fake passion. You’ve seen the man or woman give a speech with false sincerity. That person’s message isn’t believable, and they lose credibility.

The surest way to speak with passion is to talk about subjects that you care about. When you have strong feelings for your topic, your energy and caring flow through you. The audience senses it.

What If You Don’t have Strong Feelings For The Topic?

Although you may not love the topic, chances are there is some aspect you care about. Focus on that small slice as much as possible.

For example, a financial advisor may be asked to share thoughts about tax planning, which is not her favorite subject. She does love working with people to create long-term financial security.

She could structure the speech around the investment benefits of effective tax planning. She could share stories of clients who improved their retirement, sent their kids to better schools, or started a business because they worked with tax professionals who saved them money, which was then re-directed to investment accounts.

She’s able to provide useful information, and deliver ideas she cares about. Everyone wins.

When you speak with enthusiasm about topics most dear to you, you’ll be more likely to impact your audience, touch their hearts and impact their lives.

Go ahead, speak with passion!


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