In this fourth and final tip for creating a memorable foundational phrase, do your best to create rhythm and alliteration. 

Alliteration, like with my phrase Sell more with Stories, includes repetition of the same sound — in this case “S.” 

Rhythm comes from shorter words:

Just do it! 

I have a dream. 

Sell More With Stories

Each easily rolls off the tongue. 

Every one is brief and to the point.

Don’t Get Cute

One of the frequent problems I see is speakers who try to get too creative and too cute with their language. They use words that aren’t going to be remembered a few minutes after they’re spoken, much less a month from now. 

Keep it simple. Keep it straight. 

Short specific phrases, with alliteration and rhythm will help you create a foundational phrase that sticks in the minds and hearts of your listener.


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