How to Create Impact Every Time You Speak.

Want to compel audiences to seek you out after you speak?
Then use the sixth and final step of scriptwriter Michael Hauge’s proven storytelling process. The formula introduces:
  1. The Setup in which you introduce a compelling character in a relatable situation.
  2. A Crisis which introduces a challenge to the ordinary life of your protagonist.
  3. The Pursuit of your protagonist. This is the main goal she wants to achieve.
  4. A Conflict that tests your protagonist’s level of desire for her goal.
  5. The Climax where the obstacles are overcome and the protagonist achieves the goal.
This leads to the sixth and often-overlooked step of the process — the Aftermath.

How This Step Draws In Your Audience When You Speak

Many storytellers leave this scene out. Because of this, their audiences don’t experience the full benefit of the story.
For example, consider financial planners. They may tell you about a couple struggling or worried about their future. After working with the planner, the couple got their affairs in order and felt better.
But, they don’t tell you HOW their situation improved. Without specifics, the listener won’t feel an emotional connection. This might cause them to disregard the planner’s services and not engage her.
A better strategy is to share the new life the couple is experiencing. The planner could talk about the couple’s improved marriage because of better communication.
Or, the regular vacations they now take that they used to only dream about.
Or, the better college their son now attends because they planned the right way.
There are countless other aspects of this story that she can share. Prospective clients want to hear those specific benefits. This causes them to think, “I want that, too.”

Examples of The Aftermath From Various Media

Consider the many commercial produced by the advertising world:
The mother who feels better because her young child is sleeping better at night.
Because of the nighttime cold medicine she gave her son.
The attractive young people enjoying a more energetic and fun-filled party.
Because they’re drinking that new ‘lite’ beer. (I have yet to attend one of those parties, but, they must be out there. The beer company said so).
In movies, the hero overcomes the big obstacle to achieve success. In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker fired the shot that blew up the Death Star. He saved the rebellion and is on the path to becoming a Jedi Knight.

Are You Including This Crucial Step When You Speak?

There are countless stories that show the improved life of the main character. When you craft your stories, are you including this critical step?
If not, you’re costing yourself opportunities. And your audience is missing out on the value you provide.
Want to top off your story with an ending that creates desire in your audience to learn more?
Give them the aftermath.


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