“Pressure is what you feel only if you don’t know what you’re doing.” ~ Chuck Noll, Hall of Fame NFL coach

Imagine you’re standing at the front of a room, about to deliver a key presentation to a room full of stakeholders. Expectations are high and everyone is focused on you. For leaders, this is the ideal scenario. If you’ve effectively prepared, your words don’t just convey information; they inspire action, create connections, and drive results.

But, here’s the harsh reality. Many leaders “drop the ball” on these golden opportunities because they’re underprepared. They mistake  familiarity with their topic for readiness to deliver it in a way that appeals to the listener.

If your preparation is superficial, then pressure becomes your adversary. It magnifies every forgotten point, every filler word, and every missed eye contact with your audience. If you are unprepared, your presentation won’t land, and your credibility and influence will suffer. This trap catches many people and leaves a negative impact on their reputation.

So, What’s The Solution?

Heed the words at the top of this post. Coach Chuck Noll was saying, “If you aren’t prepared, the pressure is going to get to you and negatively impact your performance.”

This means:

  • Understand your audience – what are their challenges and concerns?
  • What are the expectations of the people who asked you to speak?
  • Continually refine your message until it is concise, clear, and completely understandable
  • Practice your delivery until you don’t have to think about the words you’re saying – they smoothly flow out of you and enable you to be present with your audience
Does This Take Time, Focus, And Work?

Absolutely. The greatest athletes, entertainers, and speakers put in countless hours away from the spotlight to be prepared so that when they’re in those high pressure moments, their actions and reactions are natural.

If you’re willing to prepare, pressure becomes your ally. It enhances your performance when everything is on the line and other around you feel the stress of the situation. You’re not just prepared to speak; you’re ready to persuade, inspire, and lead. Your presentation will resonate and achieve your desired results.

Do You Need Insights Into Effective Preparation?

Schedule time to talk with me. I’m experienced with handling the pressure of the moment. The reason I am is because I learned the hard way years ago when I didn’t effectively prepare. Learn from my mistakes, save yourself time, energy, and emotion. To set up a brief zoom call to discuss your goals and challenges, click here.

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