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Picture this…

You’ve written your speech. You’re satisfied with the flow of ideas.

Now it’s time to internalize your talk.

You begin practicing out loud. Five minutes into your rehearsal, your phone rings.

Ahh! You forgot to turn off your ringer!

But, you need to take this call.

20 minutes later, you return to your rehearsal. Where do you begin?

If you said, “At the beginning of my speech,” you’re doing what most people do. You start over from the first words.

15 minutes later, the dog starts barking. You need to let her out.

When you return to your practice, where do you begin?

Most likely, return to the first words.

A Common Rehearsal Mistake

I’m sure you’ve picked up the pattern.

Rehearsing your speech is the only way you can internalize the material. Unfortunately, we live in a highly distractible world.

If you begin each practice at the start of your written material, the opening parts are going to get a lot of attention, but the remainder might not.

If you’ve ever delivered a speech, or heard one that had a strong opening, but seemed disjointed or didn’t have the same energy toward the middle or end, this could be one of the culprits.

A More Effective Way to Practice

There is a more effective way to practice your speech so that each part gets equal attention.

Break your speech into “chunks.” Depending on the length of your material, I like to break mine into 3 to 5 pieces.

For a 20 minute talk, I will typically break it into four.

Each time I begin, if I’m interrupted, I make a note of where I left off. When I return to practice, I jump ahead to the next chunk.

This gives me the best chance to give equal weight to each part of the speech.

An Added Bonus

There is an added bonus to this method. Interruptions are not uncommon when we speak especially in an online environment. By using this practice method, you’re also training yourself to handle unexpected events.

If you want to give yourself the best chance of an impactful delivery from start to finish, use this rehearsal method. It will serve you and your audience well.

Evaluating the Delivery of Your Own Speech is Difficult. Why Do It Alone?

A big challenge to improving your speech delivery is the difficulty in evaluating ourselves. We are each blind to our strengths and weaknesses.

The best speakers use coaches to help them unlock their best and most authentic delivery style.

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