Secrets for Using Laughter to Connect Deeper with Your Audiences

“Is humor necessary in your speeches? Only if you want to get paid.”
~ Well-known professional speaking ‘proverb’


How to make a speech or story more funnyWhy is laughter important when you speak? Humor opens up audiences to hear your message.

Presenters who use humor make deeper connections with their audiences, earn more money, motivate others more effectively, are more memorable, stand out from the crowd, and… have more fun!

What would it mean if you could use humor more effectively? How would using more humor help your presentations? Whether you are already funny, or, humor-challenged, ‘Inject More Humor into Your Presentations” is for you. Creating humor is a process and involves having a humorous mindset. You cannot be funnier until you change the way you think. That is what this program will do for you.

In this thought-provoking interview, Phil Barth shares secrets that he uses to not only add humor to his presentations, but also helped him reach the finals of the 2011 World Championship of Public Speaking. Phil is a popular speaker who energizes, entertains and inspires his audiences. He is also a life-long student of the craft of humor.

In this audio MP3, you’ll get:

  • The reasons humor in speaking is important
  • The difference between comedy and humor
  • How to use stories to elicit humor
  • Ideas to attract more humor into your life
  • The key to delivering humor and creating audience connection
  • Ideas to overcome common humor mistakes
  • …and much more!

Once you’ve learned these tools, your connection with your audience will become greater, your message will more likely ‘stick’, and you’ll be asked back to speak time and time again. Both new and experienced speakers will find this program a valuable resource that you will refer to over and over.

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