Imagine the perfect presentation…

What happens at the end?

What if the audience rushed to the back of the room (or the chat box) to invest in your products and services?

How would that impact them, and you?

The art of moving audiences to action is similar to conducting a symphony. Each element must harmonize perfectly to create a compelling call to action.

If you achieve this result, then you have both immediate and long-lasting impact.

But, it’s difficult to achieve this type of action because audiences are skeptical – they’ve been inundated with too many offers and pitches. The risk in promoting in your presentation is in appearing salesy or insincere. This will lead to disengagement, disinterest,  and lost opportunities.

Therefore, we’ve crafted a step-by-step roadmap to authentically offer your products and services. It serves your audience and leaves them wanting more of your wisdom and expertise:

Nine Steps To Increase Your Persuasion Power
  1. Establish The Problem: Early on, gain audience buy-in that there is a relatable and urgent problem that needs solving. This sets the stage for your solution to be seen as necessary and valuable.
  2. Contrast Between DIY And Professional Help: Highlight the disparity between the time, money, and effort required to solve the problem on one’s own versus the efficiency and lower cost of your program.
  3. Promote Others’ Products: Demonstrate a willingness to promote products from other people that have helped you. This builds trust because it shows that your primary goal is to provide value, not just to sell.
  4. Offer Free Resources: During your presentation, offer free resources like reports, insights, and Top 10 lists. This adds immediate value and builds trust from your audience.
  5. Product Giveaway: Give away one of your products during your presentation. This not only showcases its value but also creates a desire among the audience to own it.
  6. Share Success Stories: Tell before-and-after stories of clients who have successfully implemented your process. This offers proof of results and gives audience members hope that they can overcome their current challenge.
  7. Create Urgency: Emphasize the need to act now, using strategies like limited-time offers or exclusive access. This compels immediate action.
  8. Stack Your Bonuses: Make your offer irresistible by adding extra value through bonuses, enhancing the perceived worth of your product.
  9. Provide a Clear Next Step: Conclude with a clear and concise single call to action. Make it simple and straightforward. Uncertainty leads to rejection; certainty propels action.

If you want to persuade your next audience, follow these structured steps.You’ll smoothly and effectively guide them to take the action that will serve them best in the long run.

If you’d like, help, structuring your presentation to inspire your next audience to take action, schedule a brief call with Michael:

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