What is the most important role of a speaker or salesperson?

I hear different answers when I ask this question in my presentations. They each have merit, but I rarely hear the response that is the key purpose of giving a presentation. It’s this…

To show people how to fill THE GAP.

What is that?

The Ideal Life

Think about the people who are listening to your presentation. They have an aspiration. It’s a place where their dreams are realized, goals are achieved, and they feel prosperous.

What’s the benefit of this ideal world?

A life filled with purpose, joy, and the fulfillment of their deepest desires.

The Harsh Reality

But the people sitting in front of you are far from this ideal life. If they had achieved everything they wanted, they wouldn’t be sitting in front of you, would they?

They’re facing challenges, obstacles, and problems that are preventing them from reaching their aspirations. They don’t know how to overcome these on their own.

That’s why they’re listening to you.

THE GAP is that uncomfortable and painful place between their ideal life and their current situation. It can be an overwhelming space. It’s where many lose hope. They’re thinking, “If I don’t change my current situation, then I’ll never realize my dream life.”

The Benefit You And I Provide

Therefore, our role as presenters becomes clear:

Shine a light on that gap so they’re clear about what it is, then give them hope they can overcome it. It’s like they’re standing on one side of a canyon and want to get to the other side. You’re going to provide the bridge that gets them there as quickly and safely as possible.

What Listeners Want (And Need) From Us.

Contrary to the way most people give presentations, people don’t need more information from you. They can get more of that on their phones than you’ll ever be able to give him in a presentation.

What they want is your perspective on their problems and solutions to overcome them.

The best presenters convey this feeling to their audience:

I get you.

I understand your problem.

I have a solution.

For your next presentation, think about the problem your audience is dealing with. What is the gap between where they are and where they want to be?

Then structure your solution in a way that lets them know there’s hope. There’s a way to overcome that gap, lose the painful feeling it creates, and enable them to enjoy the life they want to live.

In the comment section below, share how you have helped your listeners and customers overcome their gaps.

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