Discover Why You Should LIE In Your Next Speech

I was reading an article by Les Brown. He doesn’t just give a terrific speech, he also challenges you to think. He asked a question, “What does your heart want?”

I wasn’t quite sure what he meant until he followed the question with this statement:

“Your Heart is Connected To Your Purpose”

Now his question made more sense. And it helped me clarify my purpose. In a quiet moment of contemplation, I had this thought:

“I want to LIE to my audience!”The value of a LIE in your speech

I know what you may be thinking. “What! LIE to your audience! That flies in the face of everything you preach, Michael. It violates one of the fundamental rules of speaking.”

Hear me out.

This is a different type of LIE.

My First Core Goal

My passion for speaking and coaching is born out of my love of lifting people to new heights. I’m driven by showing you skills that take you to higher levels of accomplishment.

I hadn’t considered this, but, that is a form of leadership. Turns out, one of my core goals is to LEAD others.

My Second Core Goal

An effective tool used by leaders is personal stories.  I call the best stories ‘4-S Stories.’ They tell of strife, struggle, setback, and success.  With excellent coaching, I’ve discovered how to craft and deliver 4-S stories. They give others a glance into what is possible

Be willing to share the difficulties you’ve experienced. Talk about the lessons learned from those struggles.  Share a ‘how to’ step that the audience can immediately implement.

Do this, and you’ve given them the gift that the best speakers and leaders provide – hope. This is a form of inspiration. Turns out that my second core goal is to INSPIRE others.

My Third Core Goal

Think about the most effective speakers and communicators. Many have the ability to couch their messages in a memorable, often humorous fashion. They don’t recite facts and figures, or bullet-pointed slides.

These presenters create experiences. Their characters are relatable. The story is  delivered in a way that makes you feel like you are in the scenes. You laugh. You cry. These individuals set the stage for you to feel their messages. 

These great speakers are, at their core, entertainers. They deliver their material in a manner that opens up the hearts and minds of their audiences.

When they see that opening, they then provide their core message. They understand the wise words of author Jeffrey Gittomer:

At the end of laughter is the height of listening.

As it turns out, my third goal is to ENTERTAIN audiences.

What Is This Good Type of LIE?

Lead. Inspire. Entertain.


Do I want to LIE to my audiences?

You bet.

And so should you. Focus on how you can best LIE during your next speech.

Create an irresistible vision that people will want to follow.

Share your stories of struggle, strife and setback that give them hope.

Deliver your speech in a style that creates the setting for them to want to hear your message.

Thanks, Les Brown, for helping me see the light.

There is value when you LIE in your speech.



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