Use the Hallway Test to Personalize Your Speech

“How many of you have ever struggled to leave a lasting impact on an audience when you give a speech?”

When I ask this question to groups, many hands are raised. There are several reasons that speakers are quickly forgotten. One is a subtle, but powerful process that can create the feeling in an audience member that you’re speaking directly to that person.

This concept is called “Look to All, Speak to One.”  It’s a simple delivery tool that will quickly connect you to individual audience members. It’s involves a slight, yet powerful change in how you ask questions.

Consider the question used to open this article, “How many of you have struggled to leave a lasting impact on an audience?”  That is not exactly how I ask that question, although it’s the way most speakers ask it.

The key to the question is the words “How many of you have ever…”  When an audience is asked this question, you’re speaking to the entire group – you’re missing the individual connection the question could provide.

The more effective way to pose this question is to ask “Have YOU ever….”  By replacing “how many of you” with “you,”  audience members will feel that you are talking specifically to them.  Again, this is a subtle, yet powerful change that creates a deeper bond.

Make a Deeper Connection in Your Storytelling and Speaking

Use the Hallway Test to create a memorable speaking experience

How do you know when to make this change? Use a simple test taught by my coach, Craig Valentine. It’s called the Hallway Test. Imagine you’re walking down a hallway, and as a friend approaches, would you ask, “How many of you are going out for lunch?” Or, would you ask, “Are you going out for lunch?”

Obviously, you’d choose the latter. You can use this test to structure any question in your speech to create the effect of “This speaker is talking directly to me.”

If you want your message to last long after you speak, an important step is to rephrase your questions with the Hallway Test.  Do this, and your audience members will feel like you’ve had a one-on-one conversation just with them.

What have you done to create the feeling that you’re talking to each individual audience member?

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